Valentine’s Gifts: Booksmarks


Welcome back to 31 Days of Love – a series of “lovely” crafts, bakes and activities to do with kids this Valentine’s Day.This week we focus on Valentines Gifts gifts that kids can make. The lovely Erica from What Do We Do All Day? shares these adorable bookmarks to make as gifts. If you fancy more wonderful Valentines Bookmark Designs, hop over!

valentine gift for kids - bookmarks

Valentines Crafts for KidsHi! I’m Erica. On my blog, What Do We Do All Day? I share children’s books and easy, playful learning activities. I like to keep all my activities super easy and that’s especially true for crafts since we live in an itty bitty apartment. Rest assured, these crafty valentine bookmarks are so simple that your kids can easily make them for all their classmates!

My kids and I read a lot of books. We definitely read more than we craft, so the perfect craft for us is bookmarks. I love the way these little Valentine guys peek over the top of the book and look like they are watching you read. I think they are keeping their eyes on you to make sure you don’t peek at the ending of the story!

Valentine’s Gifts for Kids: Materials Needed

valentine gifts - materials to make bookmarks

Here’s our crafting table with all the materials you need: glue, colored or decorative paper (card stock for the bookmark is best), hole punch, scissors, yarn, and (most importantly) googly eyes.

Valentine’s Gifts for Kids “How To”:

There’s not much to the instructions. Cut the bookmark to the desired size, glue on the eyes and an upside down heart for the nose. Punch a hole in the top and tie on some yarn to create the hair.

valentines crafts for kids bookmarks craft

My boys decided to further decorate their bookmarks. I like to keep things flexible, it’s more fun that way. My 8 year old decided it was very important to include football stats on his bookmark! (He’s a bit sports-mad.)

valentine crafts for kids - bookmarks

That’s it! Easy-peasy, just as promised. Thanks for having us, Maggy! I hope you visit us as What Do We Do All Day?

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We have lots of book suggestions to go with your new bookmarks, such as over 50 chapter books to read with preschoolers. Or if you want to make more bookmarks try these postage stamp bookmarks or paperclip bookmarks your kids won’t lose !

If you fancy more wonderful Valentines Bookmark Designs, hop over!