Valentines Heart Shaker

Welcome to Kate from Crafts on Sea today. Kate shares a wonderful Valentine’s Day craft for Preschoolers today –  Making fun Valentine’s Day SHAKERS. Super simple AND FUN for the kids. She join us on our journey of  31 Days of Love Series in 2015. Each day a different blogger brings you a Valentine’s Day Craft – be it a Valentine’s Day Cards, a Valentine’s Day Decorations, a Valentine’s Day Treats or Valentine’s Day Gifts… Check the full 31 Days of Love list here!

Valentines Day Shaker


Many thanks to Maggy for letting me share this Valentines Heart Shaker here at Red Ted Art! I’m Kate and I normally blog over at Crafts on Sea where I share crafts that I’ve made with my kids and things that I’ve made myself. I’m super thrifty with my crafts so paper plate crafts appeal to me as for a pound or a dollar you can get enough supplies to keep your kids busy for months!

These shakers are a fun craft for pre-schoolers that gives them something fun to play with afterwards. Grab your shaker and get moving to ‘Shake It Off’ or ‘All You Need Is Love’!

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers – Heart Shaker Materials:

  • Two Paper Plates
  • Paint (we used red glitter paint)
  • Dried pasta
  • Celophane
  • Selotape
  • Glue gun / staples

How to make your Valentines Heart Shaker:

How to make a valentines drum

Before we started I prepped this by cutting a heart shape out of each paper plate. My son then sellotaped the cellophane over the heart shape (on the inside of the plate). He chose how much dried pasta he wanted to put in it and while we were making it he would put the two halves together and give it a test shake to see if it made enough noise! Once he was happy with it I used a glue gun to stick the two paper plates together and once that was dry he painted the outside with a red glitter paint. Once dried it was ready to play with!

Preschooler valentines day craft


If you don’t fancy doing the stained glass heart in the middle you could decorate your shaker with heart stickers instead.

If you don’t have a glue gun or if you are in a hurry you could seal your shaker using a stapler.

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