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Today we have the lovely Cerys from Rainy Day Mum sharing her Valentine’s Day craft!

Have you ever tried String Art? It is a really fun process. Totally mesmerizing. Here we have a gorgeous String Art Heart Canvas project LOVE!

Thank you so much Maggy for inviting me to post over here on Red Ted Art sharing a Kids Craft as part of the 31 days of Love. One of the joys of having kids and as I’m discovering as they get older is that we can start real collaborative crafts – this heat canvas is easy to work on with preschoolers to older kids and even adults can join in and create it. Made with cotton everyone produced will be unique as the way that you wind the cotton will change each time.

Materials needed for the heart canvas

  • Square Canvas
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Dress Maker Pins
  • Pliers
  • Red or Pink Cotton on reel
  • Masking Tape

How to make the heart canvas


Start by folding your piece of paper in half in portrait and cut out half a heart shape – unfold and you will have a heart template to use on the canvas.

Place the heart template on the canvas.


Using the pliers bend the dress maker pin at right angles half way down

At the point of the heart insert the pin on the outside repeat the bending of another pin and place this pin at the dip in the top of the heart. This will help to position the heart in place.


Then around the outside of the template repeat the bending of the pin and place around 1cm apart.


I found it easier every couple of pins to turn the canvas over and to use masking tape to hold the pin in place.

If you have older children they could easily do the bending and pining around the heart.


Once the heart is pinned out remove the template and start to create the cotton art. Tie the end of the cotton reel around one pin.


Then take the cotton from one side of the heart to the next side of the heart crisscrossing and making sure that every pin is attached to another pin.


Once all of the pins have been attached with the cotton continue to you have a pattern that you are happy with.


To highlight the heart take the cotton on the reel and wind it around the outside of the heart – you will need to wind it around anchor points every so often to keep in it place. The sides, point and dip of the heart are good points to anchor like this.

Follow the instructions on the canvas to stretch and hang or place where you want the heart canvas you’ve created together as a family with love.

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Cerys is the founder of Rainy Day Mum sharing Creative, Family Friendly, Fun Ideas for connecting, crafting and enjoying time with the kids. She’s a former marine biologist and teacher, now spending her days sharing crafts and activities to promote family connections, play and learning with the kids at home.


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