Valentine’s Treat: Candied Pretzels

Easy Chocolate Pretzel Treat

31 Days of Love

Today we have There’s Just One Mommy visiting for the 31 Days of Love , she shaer her tasty Valentines Treat , we so had to have a go STRAIGHT away! I love that contrast of salty and sweet… yummy. Kids adored them too. 

Theres-Just-One-Mommy-225x300Hi, I’m OneMommy and the two munchkins you see with me are Monkey and Peanut.(Nope, that’s not their real names, just what they go by on my blog!) I’m a former middle school teacher turned SAHM who blogs about kid crafts, learning activities, and the occasional family-friendly recipe or review over at There’s Just One Mommy. I’m so excited to be here participating in Red Ted Art’s 31 Days of Love series!

Today I’m sharing our candied pretzels — a sweet and salty treat for your Valentine!

Valentine’s Treat: Chocolate Pretzels Indredients

Valentine's Treats - Chocolate Pretzels - Ingredients

To create your own candied pretzels you will need: pretzels, chocolate candy melts, and assorted red and pink sprinkles or small candies. I used half of the 12 oz. bag of Wilton Dark Candy Cocoa Melts, which made 30 pretzel twists. (Red Ted Art: we had a go at home too.. the kids just where too keen to have some. And used some white chocolate cake covering left over from our Gingerbread house! And it worked really well. When then got experimenting and added a couple of drops of pink food dye too! Oooh the posiblities)

I chose to use pretzel twists to dip because they almost look like hearts, but you could also use pretzel rods, which would look pretty boxed up as a gift!

Valentine’s Treat: How to Make Chocolate Pretzels:

  1. Before melting the chocolate, line a cookie sheet with a sheet of waxed paper. This will keep pretzels from sticking to the surface as they cool.
  2. I melted my chocolate pieces in the microwave, checking and stirring them every 20 seconds until they were almost all melted. Once most of them are melted, remove the dish from the microwave and continue stirring until all the chocolate is melted. (Be careful to not overheat the chocolate or it will get thick and unusable!)
  3. I tried dipping the pretzels in the bowl of chocolate, but discovered that they looked better if I used a butter knife to “paint” the chocolate onto the pretzel twists. Once the pretzel is coated in chocolate, immediately press it into your colored sprinkles or candy pieces. (Red Ted Art: we did the same and used a spoon to cover the pretzels, letting the “excess” drip back into our pot of melted chocolate, we did it in small batches, so that the chocolate wouldn’t harden, whilst finishing of the pretzels)
  4. The chocolate will cool and set within 10 minutes or so on the prepared cookie sheet.

Our pretzels were covered in red sprinkles and small pink candies. I’m a dark chocolate girl myself, but I think the red sprinkles would really stand out on some white chocolate-covered pretzels!

Chocolate Pretzels

The Pink Food dye worked really well.. and we loved adding different types of sprinkles. I reckon some heart sprinkles would look GREAT too! We tried some blue food dye next, but put too much in and it made the chocolate “non spreadable”. So take care and only add a little!

Valetine's Treats

Watch out.. little hands!

I should warn you, they are delicious and go pretty fast! We are looking forward to making more to share as gifts this Valentine’s Day.

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