Valentine’s Craft: Printable Treat Topper You Can Color

Welcome to Crystal from Dallas Mom Blogger today for her lovely Valentine’s Day Printable, perfect packaging those yummy Valentines Treats that we have been seeing on the 31 Days of Love series.

Simple Valentine’s Treat Bag Topper to Print


Even thought I am a boy mom, we love Valentine’s Day at our house.
We homeschool now, but when my kids were in public school and Mother’s Day Out, I loved making printable Valentines with a special treat for everyone.

Now we have our own party at home and exchange Valentines.

Here is a sweet Valentine printable that kids can color. I love the idea of filling the treat bags with popcorn instead of candy.

You Will Need:

  • Happy Valentine’s Day printable <<——- click to print – enter $0 at check out
  • popcorn
  • 4 x 9 cello treat bags (clear or decorative )
  • scissors for cutting
  • stapler
  • marker for writing to and from
  • crayons for coloring

Gather up your supplies.

There are four bag toppers on each sheet. Cut them out.


Let your little ones fill in the from and to area on the card.


Let them color in the card.


Fill each bag with popcorn. I found these cello bags in the dollar bins at Target.

Fold the printable.

Secure it over the top of the cello bag and secure it with a staple.


And you’re done! How easy was that?


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