Valentine’s Treats: Pink Fudge Hearts


Valentines Treats - Pink Fudge Hearts

31 Days of Love

Mmmh we are really enjoying all the Valentines Treat being shared as part of the 31 Days of Love series this January! So many wonderful recipes and ideas being shared. Today Jenny from Mummy Mishaps has these wonderful fudge hearts to share, I know one little girl who love these at her party! We also have lots of Valentine’s Card ideas for you and Valentine’s Gifts that kids can make. Take a look and explore!

Hello, I am Jenny and I normally blog over at Mummy Mishaps where I share tales of life with my two boys, Burton and Jenson, aswell as sharing lots of yummy cake recipes because I do love cake!! Maggy has very kindly agreed to allow me to guest post on her amazing blog and I hope you enjoy my little dabble into homemade fudge with a lurrrrrve theme.

With Valentines Day fast approaching I wanted to make some little treats which were easy to make, would taste nice and make a perfect gift idea to give to someone special. I came up with these little pink fudge love hearts, strawberry flavoured, glitter coated (edible glitter of course!) and bite sized and something which children could make with supervision, as there is not much actual ‘cooking’ involved. It is not proper fudge you understand, but a cheats version but they still taste great if a little sweet!

Here is how to make Pink Fudge Love Hearts

All you need to make some are:

  • 1 tin of condensed milk
  • 350g strawberry flavoured pink chocolate buttons (I used Tate & Lyle ones available in the cake aisles of supermarkets)
  • 30g unsalted butter
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • pink edible glitter
  • 20cm square baking tin, lined with parchment paper

Valentines Treats – How to make Pink Fudge Hearts: 

  1. Place the condensed milk, pink chocolate buttons, butter and salt into a non stick pan and melt together over a gentle heat, stirring occassionaly.
  2. Being careful not to overcook the mixture/burn it, re,ove from the heat just before it is completely melted and stir it well to allow all the mixture to melt and become a smooth and glossy sauce.
  3. Pour into your lined tin and smooth over the top of the fudge sauce
  4. Then place in the fridge
  5. After about an hour remove and scatter the edible glitter all over the top and return to the fridge over night
  6. When you are ready to make your heart shaped fudge, remove the chilled pink fudge from the tin and parchment paper and working quickly cut out heart shapes using a small heart shaped cookie cutter . You need to wortk fast as the fudge becomes soft quickly.
  7. Place each heart onto some more parchment paper and return to the fridge in a tub with a lid (use the parchment paper to stop the fudge from sticking when making layers)

Serve when ready and it will keep in the fridge for about 7-10 days as long it is kept inside a sealed tub

The recipe makes approx 75 little hearts so if you dont need as many just half the quantities shown.

These little Pink Fudge Love Hearts would also make great party food for a Princess themed birthday party.


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Enjoy your Valentine’s Treats!!!