Voodoo Doll Pincushion How To – a Great Beginner’s Sewing Project

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Get the kids into sewing, with this great Sewing Project for Kids. I love “cute gory”.. I am not REALLY into Zombies and ugly things…. (I am NOT a Walking the Dead fan at ALL!), but I do like a cute Zombie.. or like in this case Voodoo Doll. But this Voodoo doll craft isn’t just ANY Voodoo Doll craft – it is a Voodoo Doll PIN CUSHION. Brilliant.. handy and fun at the same time!  This makes a great project for beginner(ish) sewers, but is meant for older kids or grow ups for sure. I think these Voodoo Doll Pincushions would make great little gifts around Halloween too. They also look cute as key rings (minus the pins) and my two kids have already claimed these two as theirs! So though you can make this craft all year around, I do think it works REALLY well for Halloween too. So fun!!

Make your own Voodoo pin cushions - fun for Halloween, makes a great gift AND beginners sewing project. For Teens and For Tweens. Get kids Sewing with these cool Voodoo Pin Cushions #sewing #voodoo #pincushion #summer #halloween

Voodoo Pincushion DIY – Materials:

Make your own Voodoo pin cushions - fun activity for Halloween and a great beginners sewing project


  • Main colour felt (we used green and blue)
  • Red felt & black felt scraps
  • Embroidery thread (black)
  • Button (optional)
  • Stuffing
  • Gingerbread man cookie cutter (to create your own template)

How to Make a Voodoo Pincushion:

(watch the video or read the instructions below or do both!!)

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1) Begin by making your own template. I did this by using my gingerbread man cookie cutter – I drew around him – made him a little fatter and added an oversized head.

2) Cut out two pieces of felt the same colour using your homemade stencil.

DIY Voodoo Pincushion - too cute!

3) Cut out a small black circle – just bigger than your button. Sew on your button and felt at the same time.

4) Make a cross fro the second eye.

5) Sew the mouth – a long line, with shorter ones over the top.

6) Then sew on your heart.

Make your own Voodoo pin cushions7) Pin your your top and bottom felt together. Then start sewing all around. I started UNDER THE ARM and went all around, leaving a small opening between the leg and arm at the end.

8) Stuff – make sure you get it right into the legs and arms.

9) Close your hole… and you are finished! Easy.

ENJOY your cute little Halloween Craft – as mentioned above, these would look cute as keyrings or zipper pulls too (minus the pins) – my kids have already hijacked them for themselves.

For Teens and For Tweens. Get kids Sewing with these cool Voodoo Pin Cushions #sewing #voodoo #pincushion #summer

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