Sewing Projects for Kids

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So… are you looking to teaching kids to sew? If yes, we have brought together some great little sewing projects for kids. Sewing projects that they SHOULD be able to do. The majority of these sewing projects, my kids have **actually** made themselves between the ages of 3yrs and 8yrs old. When they were little, I would work with them one on one on their sewing project, helping guide every stitch. And now they are a little older (6yrs and 8yrs), I can usually leave them to their sewing, whilst only helping when they get into an difficulties. These sewing projects for kids are also great if you are teaching boys to sew. I found that my son enjoyed them all too! We also have a great selection of Kids Sewing Projects FOR CHRISTMAS if you want to browse those too!

17+ Sewing Project for Kids - lovely kids projects that will help teaching kids to sew! #sewing #sewingprojects #forkids #teachkidstosew

Please do keep checking back, as I add more sewing crafts for kids over time! Also remember that may of these ideas make great sewing projects for gifts too. Perfect for Granny’s Birthday or as a small Christmas present made by the kids!

Sewing Projects for Kids

Perfect Sewing Crafts for Kids that make lovely gifts too!

Sewing Projects for Kids - Back to School Craft

These little Felt heart ornaments also work really well as “heart keyrings” and my kids had a set as zipper pulls, but have the heart THEY made to Granny for Christmas as an ornament for the tree. My daughter was 3.5yrs when she made her first one.

Child Made Button Star Ornaments - a great sewing project for kids

As you can tell, we love sewing with felt for kids’ projects as it doesn’t fray and is easy to get the needle through. My daughter loved making these Felt button star ornaments and again, Granny got some as a present.

hedgehog pin cushion

Learn how to sew this hedgehog pin cushion! And easy make to flext those sewing skills.. and also makes a lovely little gift for someone!

finished handmade sleeping mask

First up, we have a super simple DIY Sleep Mask! Isn’t it adorable? Guaranteed to make sure your sleep like a sloth tonight!

As Pip Squeak gets older our projects become more ambitious! These adorable little Felt Mermaids were a “together project”, but she did in fact do most of the sewing.. I just helped with the tricky parts. Aren’t they cute? They would be lovely as Zipper Pulls and backpack charms!

She also wanted to have a go at the sewing machine! So we made these Mermaid Rag Dolls. As Pip Squeak gets older it is great to progress from hand sewing to machine sewing as well as  mix of both!

We also love making mini felties – like these Felt Animal Ornaments. Based on a simple Oval face, you simply add different features to turn it into different animals. They make great little key chains, zipper pulls, or as in our case – Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Surprise your friends with some fuzzy Monster Backpack Charms this Valentine’s (heart shaped of course!!). Perfect for back to school too! And the Beanie Boo Eyes are home made. So clever!

Felt Monster Bookmark – a great sewing project for kids

Sewing Projects for Kids - nature pouch for kids

This is one of Red Ted’s first sewing project made from a “felted” jumper. This gives the fabric a felt like quality, that is easy to sew and doesn’t fray. Perfect for our Nature bag craft and a go at blanket stitch!

If you are not quite ready for back stitch, the running stitch can look lovely too… and it was used here for this cute Monster Purse DIY!

Sewing Projects for Kids - juggling chickens bean bags

I adore these Sewing Crafts for Kids – juggling chooks as sewing projects for kids learning to sew – I confess that my kids have NOT YET made these – but they are dying to (and it is just a question of time as to why we haven’t). They look “3d”… but actually only require the skills for “2d” sewing. Hand sew these with kids or use these as a beginners sewing machine project!


Another cute felt project for teaching kids to sew – this is an adrable Felt heart mobile for kids to sew – or make the hearts as little ornaments/ book bag charms or key chains.

Make some grogeous felt ornaments for ramadan

Or why not sew a gorgeous islamic inspired felt garland with kids. This would be the perfect Felt Ramadan Decoration.


Fun Poop Emoji Keychains

Heart Softie Pattern for Kids

Heart Softie Pattern

Easy Fabric Flowers - Sewing Projects for Beginners with kids

A great beginner’s sewing project is this Easy fabric flower. It requires “straight line” sewing only and is perfect for hand sewing. These fabric flowers sewing project can be used as a brooch, hair piece, embellishment for a bag or can be turned into a rosette

Fabric Flower Craft How To

A more confident child could then have a go at this slightly more intermediate but still easy sewing project for kids: Fabric petal flower (intermediate child sewer). Technically it isn’t that much harder, but may require a little more finger strength as you need to push the needle through several layers of fabric.

Learn how to make these fabulous scrunchies! Great to sew these by hand (using a back stitch) or a great beginner’s project for the sewing machine. Find out how to sew a scrunchie today!

easy lavender craft ideas

Another super simple sewing projects fr kids – check out these lovely easy lavender bags. Using pinking sheers (get some here  – US/ UK (affiliate links)) helps prevent the fabric from fraying!

Sewing Projects for Kids - DIY Felt Heart - such an adorable little craft - turn it into a brooch, keychain or pocket friend. Such a cute beginners sewing project (5)

Another lovely felt project is this Felt heart brooch. This was a guest post on Red Ted Art, but my kids thought it was adorable – a clever material used for the eyes (hop over and find out more!)

Felt Bunny Craft

After the cute Felt Heart Brooch shared above, we felt inspired to get sewing… we wanted to do a slightly different design, so came up with some Felt Softies Bunnies!

Cute Felt Softies Free Pattern. Make a bear or a bunny

There is also a felt softies bear pattern!!

Easy Bunny Brooch - sewing for beginners - a lovely little Easter Craft for kids

Similarly we turned the felt bunnies into a Felt Bunny Brooch – an adorable little Easter Craft or gift that kids can make!


We can’t get enough of the mini softies.. So made  Reindeer Brooch and Ornament!

Sewing Projects for Kids - Easy Rag Dolls

Another sewing project for kids, would be these cute cute Rag dolls – a little better for very basic sewing machine sewing – but can be hand sewn too! I love that these rag dolls combine art with the skill of sewing!


More simple Art Dolls for kids to make and sew! Check out my son’s set of aliens. Too cute!

How to sew a strawberry softie (super cute and easy and perfect for kids)

Recycled Owl Purse

This Owl Purse has a pocket for your phone and is made from recycled school uniforms! How fun? Comes with free pattern.

Similarly make a TED Purse from old jeans and tshirt yarn. Also with pocket for pens of phones and with free pattern!

Love this foxy purse by I Heart Crafty Things. Too cute.

Here are some more friendly huggy toys you can make with the kids. Visit Hattifantfor full info!

Older kids or if you are working on a project together.. may want to give this Little Mermaid Felt Doll a go – complete with free pattern! Just gorgeous!

Check out my tips on Teaching Kids To Sew:

How To Teach Kids to Sew - if you are thinking of teaching your kids to sew, here is a great guide with some pointers to get them started!

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