S is for Schnurrbart (German for Moustache Crafts)

Well well well it is time for Moustaches! I used to take part in photo challenges in the early days of Red Ted Art but now, it is all about Easy Crafts for Kids (of course). If you landed here because you are looking for some Moustache Crafts.. fear not, we have plenty for you here!

The Moustache Photo

S is for Schnurrbart (or Special Birthday Treat)

Our Moustache Craft resources

Anyway.. do click over to see all our Moustache Crafts in one place (or is it Mustache Crafts?!?)

Moustache crafts

Mainy of the crafts shared above would be brilliant for Father’s Day Crafting or Father’s Day Gift Making. So cute. Whether dad likes a moustache or not, they are just fun crafts to have a go at.