Winter Small World Play

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Small World Play is hugely popular among nurseries and “kid bloggers”. There is something irresistible about setting up small world scenarios to let your kids explore, feel and let their imagination run away with them. I love nothing more, than when my kids PLAY with all their crafty creations. And believe you me, we do! We have things from years ago, that are still played with (I tend to “swoop it up” and put it somewhere safe if it is in danger of being squashed.. this also lets the kids rediscover items at a later date! A bit like toy rotations!).

Winter Small World Play Snow White

This is our Snow White Small Play World.

We added:

Small World Play Knights

Our Knights Small World Play

We added:

  • Fake Snow
  • A Pine Cone
  • Some stones
  • Our little TP Roll Castle (ahem, not blogged about before, but you can see what we did, right?)
  • And our Peanut Finger Puppets Knights – now these are an “exclusive”, as they feature in the book…. but have not yet been shown here!

The kids were enchanted:

Small World Play Winter Wonderland

They arranged and rearranged, they found other things to add.. and they LET IT SNOW!

Small World Play Setting Up

I love how it inspired Red Ted (5.5yrs) to get creative with the camera – he decided to photograph the “setting up” process – step by step on my iphone. These are his photos – apart from the last one.

Love it!  Another example of how Small World Play really inspires children!

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And now sit back and listen to a lovely Snow White Story Time