World Book Day Craft: Easy Bookmarks

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We love our books and what better way to celebrate our love for our books with a craft on World Book Day. The kids were keen to make something that related to ALL of their books. Mmmmmh, so I needed something that could easily be repeated for a number of our favourite books, without of course damaging our favourite books! We decided to make some simple bookmarks, based on our favourite parts of the different stories. But wait, I hear you say, “don’t hurt the book!”. Well of course not! I am very reluctant to EVER damage a book….

So, our favourite book bookmarks, especially for World Book Day:

World Book Day - Book Bookmarks (without destroying your favourite books!)

World Book Day Crafts – Book Bookmarks Materials:

  • Your favourite books
  • Scanner or camera
  • Colour printer
  • Printer paper
  • Colour card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Beads


World Book Day Crafts – Book Mark How To:

World Book Day Crafts - Bookmarks

1) Collect some books that you LOVE. What better way to celebrate World Book Day with an exclectic mix of books?!

World Book Day Activities - Bookmark Craft

2) Browse through your books and select your favourite page. The kids spent ages going through their books, which I thought was highly appropriate for World Book Day!!

World Book Day Craft - Bookmarks

3) Once they have selected their favourite pages scan or photograph them and put them on your computer.  I used powerppoint to the crop them into “book mark strips”, so that I could print them off in one go and save on paper. But you could use a tool like picmonkey to do this or edit them in word or photoshop or whatever works for you! Print off your strips.

World Book Day - Booksmarks

4) Cut out, stick on some coloured card (this makes them look prettier AND strengthens the final bookmark).

World Book Day - Bookmarks for kids

5) I then added a little tape to the top of the bookmark, to secure the hole, I then made with the hole punch!

World Book Day - Crafts for kids

6) Bead some beads onto a ribbon – secure them with knots… and then tie the ribbon to your bookmark.

World Book Day - Favourite Book Bookmark

Time to read your favourite book again for World Book Day and make sure you mark your place with your brand new bookmark!

World Book Day - Bookmark craft idea

Or browse your *cough* favourite Kids Craft Book and use the bookmarks as placemakers as to what you want to make next!

Done! Red Ted in particularly LOVED making these and made sure that ALL his books contained the new bookmarks at bedtime.

Hope this is an inspiration for you for World Book Day. Check out our Zoo Book & Craft recommendations from earlier this month!