World Book Day: 6 Zoo Books & a TP Roll Craft

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Celebrating World Book Day with some Toilet Paper Roll Zoo Crafts as well as our favourite Zoo Books for preschoolers! Our love relationship with Toilet Paper Rolls continue.

World Books Day - Zoo Books and Craft Idea

We have always been a fan of TP Rolls and have made many many things from them (check out our whole Loo Roll Category for more!!). They free, versatile and environmentally friendly. And great for kids who like to make more and more and more and more. They feature prominently in my book Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids

Our Favourite Toilet Paper Roll Zoo Craft

When the book first came out… both my children got a copy. Red Ted wandered off for a good browse. “Mummy, can we make this?” I heard him utter.

I said “But we have made it already?”. He says “I want to make it again”…. so the book features this Loo Roll Zoo:

toilet roll zoo

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to revisit some of our “Zoo Books”.. the kids adore looking at animals and discussing their antics.

Some of our books are more “factual” – like our Zoo-Ology book  – which is a big oversized booked, brimming with animals and animal names, plus some facts at the back. The kids love studying it for ours.

Others are fun, like Good Night, Gorilla. If your children love animals and Zoo related books, then this also makes a great craft for World Book Day – bring out your favourite Zoo book and get crafty (I know my kids adored Dear Zoo, when they were little).

We make some more – we make a Tiger… and then Red Ted runs off and creates his very own characters:

Loo Roll Zoo

He creates his own TP Roll Leopard, his own TP Roll Bear and his very own TP Roll Zoo Keeper.

I have to say, I was VERY proud of him.

And also, it is JUST what the book is all about – see something, be inspired, create your own!

Our favourite Zoo Books

I love that these make a great addition to any World Book Day celebrations. So enjoy. Here are some of our favourite Zoo books:

  • Dear Zoo – by Rod Campbell – a lovely book with lift the flaps for little ones
  • Goodnight Gorilla – by Peggy Rathman – ‘Good night, Gorilla,’ says the night watchman as he finishes his rounds at the zoo. But Gorilla has other ideas, deftly pick-pocketing the watchman’s keys and letting himself out of his cage, whilst letting Elephant, Lion, Hyena, Giraffe and Armadillo out too! The weary watchman makes his way home and into bed . . . unaware that his friends from the zoo are right behind him!
  • Who is Hiding – a super simple book with gorgeous graphics. Turn the page and see if you can remember who is hiding
  • Welcome to the Zoo – by Alison Jay – Take a tour through a zoo like no other, filled with mischevious monkeys, perky penguins and greedy goats! It’s a true menagerie of tales from visual storyteller Alison Jay! A Wordless picture book that will encourage imagination and observation skills.
  • Zoo-Ology Hardcover – by Joelle Jolivet – this is an oversized booked that my kids adored when they were little. They spend hours looking at the tightly packed pages looking for different animals and creatures
  • Zoo – Bruno Munari was an internationally acclaimed artist, designer, and children’s book creator. Acontemporary of Leo Leonni, his books have been hailed as among the most original, inventive and beautiful ever created.” Zoo is among his most graphically stunning works. Meet the kangaroo, who is all legs but doesn’t know it, the zebra in his striped pajamas, and the humpy camel, who has a seat for you.

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