World Cup Crafts – Poppy Cat Finger Football


With the World Cup open us and Football (Soccer!) Fever hitting our school playgrounds and homes, we thought it would be fun to have a little football craft. And it is time to invite Poppy Cat back for a visit. Poppy Cat loves nothing better than playing with all her friends! She loves going to the park, having a picnic and then afterwards having a little kick around with a ball or football. Why not make your own Poppy Cat friends and have a game of Finger Football (or Finger Soccer!!)? Finger Football is great fun – you can play it outside in the garden or on the kitchen table or the bedroom floor on a rainy day. Just remember to have lots of fun! Make up your own games – are you playing against each other? Or will you have a line up and shoot out instead? What I love most about this finger football craft, is that you can use the templates provided or create your very own characters. Just let your imagination run wild!

World Cup Craft For Kids


Making your Finger Football Game:

Finger Football Craft

1)      Print out your Poppy Cat characters and stick them onto some cardboard, to make them a little stronger – you could always print them onto card if your printer lets you, or if you have access to a laminator, use that instead! We used a cereal box which work just fine!

2)      Once securely stuck onto your cereal box, cut out your characters in more detail.

Finger Football Soccer Craft for the World Cup

3)      Colour in your characters.

World Cup Football Crafts

4)      Now make your own football – scrunch up a piece of paper! And done…. If you want a more “sophisticated football”, you can wrap your scrunched ball in masking tape and add some black markings. But a scrunched of piece of paper works just brilliantly for finger football.

5)      Now you are ready to play. Set up a shoebox goal or mark your goal area with some pens and PLAY!

Have fun with your DIY Finger Football Game and characters!!