Easy Pom Pom Sharks with Template

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We love Yarn Crafts for Kids. Today, we welcome the lovely Ocean Child Crafts from Instagram to share some fabulously easy Pom Pom Sharks. If you are not familiar with Ocean Child Crafts, you really must hop over for a good browse. So many fabulous cute makes with easy every day materials.

Combing our love for Pom Pom Project Ideas and super fun Shark Crafts crafts for kids.

Pom Pom Baby Shark

Baby shark pompoms

Did you finally get the “Baby Shark” song out of your head? This craft will bring it right back. Time to make your very own Baby Shark Pom Poms, quickly and easily!

To make Shark Pom Poms you will need:

And you absolutely do not need a ton of fancy crafting materials to create these cute pom-poms, all you need is:

  • Yarn
  • Cardboard
  • Colored cardboard for shark features
  • Googly eyes
  • A good pair of scissors
  • Glue (preferably a glue gun)

Let’s grab the materials and dive right into the crafting process.

Pom-pom template and shark features

Simply enter $0 at check out for this free pom pom making template and shark printable!

Use the template or if you don’t have a printer start with making a pom-pom template yourself, which basically are two cardboard donut shapes (see picture 1 of the instruction sheet or open the template).

How to make Pom Pom Sharks

Though we provide you with the pom pom and shark templates in the link above, you can also follow the video or written instructions below to make your own templates!

Time needed: 30 minutes

Super duper cute Baby Shark Pom Poms for kids and grown ups!

  1. Make your own cardboard Pom Pom Template

    Use a bowl, lids and other round items to trace circles onto the cardboard. Trace a larger circle with a smaller circle inside. The larger circle determines the diameter of your finished pom-pom.

  2. Cut holes into yout Pom Pom template

    Cut out the circle and cut out the center circle as well, so you have a donut shape left. Make sure you create two donut shapes of the same size to create one pom-pom.

  3. Wrapping your yarn

    Place the donut shapes on top of each other and pick a color yarn for you shark and take white yarn for the shark’s belly.

    Cut off a large length of yarn and begin wrapping your first color around the cardboard donuts.

    Wrap your chosen color around the top of the donut and wrap the white color around the bottom of the donut (see picture 2 of the instruction sheet).

    Hold the end of the yarn in place while you wrap over the end, which secures it. Work your way around the entire donut, filling in all the gaps till the inside hole is completely filled (see picture 3 of the instruction sheet). How to make a shark pom pom

  4. Create a pom-pom

    When your yarn donut is completely filled start cutting around the edge of the donut. Try to cut in-between the two cardboard donuts and keep this as a guideline.

    Be sure to cut through every strand of yarn. Sharp scissors with a small point make this part easier.  

    When all the edges are snipped, cut a length of yarn and tie it around the middle of the pom-pom, in-between the two cardboard donuts.

    Tie the yarn twice, then wrap the ends tightly around to the other side and tie a double knot (see picture 4 of the instruction sheet).

  5. Shape your pom-pom

    Your pompom might look a little silly and uneven at this point.

    To fix this, roll the pom-pom in your hands to shape it into a round fluffy ball and trim the uneven pieces of yarn that stick out till you’re satisfied (see picture 5 of the instruction sheet).

  6. Turn your pom pom into a shark

    Now you’re happy with your pom-pom we’re gonna turn our pom-pom into a shark.

    For that we need a tail, fins, eyes and a big happy mouth.

    You can use colored paper/cardboard to create the body parts of the shark. The size of the body parts depends a little bit on the size of your pom-pom, you can also use the template.

    Make sure the tail and fins are a little longer because the bottom will be hidden in the center of the pom-pom (see picture 6 of the instruction sheet or take a look at the template). Glue your shark together with strong glue, preferably a glue gun and you’re all done. Happy crafting! Turn your pom pom into a baby shark

baby shark pom poms

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