Yarn Heart Card for Valentines

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Our 31 Days of Love series continues. Today we have the newly rebranded Emma from Adventures and Play shaing a lovely Valentine Cards for Kids with you – this Yarn Heart Card! I love the use of this pretty multi colored yarn! Just perfect. We have a great selection of “Love Crafts” for you from over the years, and have grouped them into easy browsing categories for you – Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers, Valentine Day Treats, Valentine Decorations and Valentine Cards for Kids. Enjoy! And over to Emma!

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First shared in Jan 2017

We are very excited to be taking part in our third 31 Days of Love Series. Take a look at our previous Valentine inspired crafts: our DIY Melted Crayon Art and our Clothespin Heart.

At Adventures And Play (formerly known as Adventures of Adam), we love simple play activities and crafts that little ones can complete independently. Our Yarn Heart Valentine Card continues this theme. It is easy to make and each card is unique.

Resources needed to make a Yarn Heart Valentines Card

* Card – we used a white 8″ x 6″ Heart Window Aperture Card similar to this. It is a three panel card with two folds.
* Yarn – we used Sirdar Cotton Prints Knitting Yarn (DK 353 Coraliscious)
* Scissors
* Sellotape

How to make the Yarn Heart Valentines Card

1. Open up the heart window aperture card. You will be placing the yarn on the first panel.

2. Cut strips of yarn so they are the same width as the first panel. You will need enough strips of yarn to cover the majority of the panel.

3. Position the yarn strips onto the first panel. Ensure that each individual piece of yarn is laid flat and that they do not overlap. This is a great fine motor skill activity.

4. Once the heart area is covered secure the yarn in place using sellotape at either end.

5. Re-fold the card so that heart is at the front. As an optional extra place double sided sellotape along the fold so that the yarn ends are hidden.

I love the look that the multicoloured yarn has created. The different shades of pastel pinks and reds have created a unique heart. A similar effect could be created by using balls of different coloured yarn. Why not try using a heart template to create your own Valentine card from scratch.

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I hope you have enjoyed this wonderful little Yarn Heart Card idea! I do LOVE homemade cards. These Yearn Hearts are definitely JUST right as a Valentines Day Card, but I think would make wonderful Mother’s Day Cards too!

If you would like to browse some more Valentine Cards for Kids here are well over 40 DIY Card Making ideas for kids this Valentine’s Day! Something for all age groups too! Enjoy!


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