Valentine’s Climber – Love You To the Moon & Back


Oh my, you are going to LOVE today’s 31 Days of Love guest post by Lotta Magazine.. I can’t decide whether it is a fun STEAM Valentine’s, a Valentine’s Card idea or a Valentine’s Decoration.. but I can tell you one thing.. these Valentine’s Climbers are super FUN!!! Make your child fly to the moon and back with love.

STEAM for Valentines. Valentines Day Climber - Love You To the Moon & Back. A fun Valentine's Decoration or Valentine's Card: make "Love You To the Moon & Back Climber Toy. FUN! #Valentines #photocards #cards #climber #steam
First shared in Jan 2019

Love you to the moon and back flyer 

I’m Leonie from Lotta Magazine. I create arts and crafts for primary school age kids and share them with the world on my blog  and in the pages on my ad-free magazine.   

I’m so happy to be back here for 31 Days Of Love. This time I was inspired by one of my favourite love related quotes Ill love you to the moon and back to make this little craft where you can actually ‘fly’ to the moon and back.    

Things you need for “Love you to the moon and back” climber 

  • Digital camera/phone 
  • A4 card 
  • Printer 
  • Scissors 
  • Drinking straw 
  • 1m of string 
  • Bamboo skewer 
  • Masking tape 
  • Heavy cardboard (not too thick so you can cut it with scissors) 
  • Plate and pencil  
  • Black and pearl white paint, paint brush and tray  
  • Sponge 
  • Magnetic tape  (optional “sticking” to the fridge)
  • Download of banner 

How to make Love you to the moon and back climber

Take a photo of your child standing in front of a white wall. Get them to pose in a dynamic, flying position. This is kind of fun so you might want to get involved yourself.  

Print your photo onto A4 cardboard then carefully cut it out.     

Cut a length of straw that will fit on the back of your photo. Tape it on to secure it. 


Cut some string, the longer the piece, the further your child will fly. Cut two small pieces of straw to act as handles. Poke a hole through the middle of the straw and thread the string through, securing on the other side with a knot. It can help to add some tape around the string to hold the threads together.  

Place something circular, like a plate, on your heavy cardboard and trace around it. Cut out the circle.

Study some pictures of the moon. Paint your moon with pearl white paint. It’s quite thick so will create some great ‘moony’ textures. Add extra texture with a sponge. Mix a tiny bit of black into your paint and sponge some craters.  

Download the quote banner. Print it out (I used silver cardboard) and cut out the banner. Glue it over your moon.  

Tape the middle of your string onto the back of the moon. Add some magnetic tape to the back and you can hang it on the fridge (your strings need to be vertical to work so the fridge it ideal).  


 Now they can ‘fly’ to the moon by pulling the strings out to the side. When you bring them back together they will fly back.  


If you make one, I’d love to see…. so please tag me on Instagram @lottaleonie or #lottamagazine 

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