Yarn Wrapped Stars

We love these yarn wrapped stars. They are super simple to make, great for your child’s dexterity. Enjoyable to make at any age and can so easily be customised to suit and colour scheme! We also love these as quirky gift wrap decorations – as they are inexpensive and relatively quick to make.


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Yarn Wrapped Stars – Materials:

  • Cardboard
  • Cookie cutters IF your child is older and wants to make smaller ones
  • Coloured paper & glue stick (optional)
  • Wool in different colours
  • Scissors & pen

Yarn Wrapped Stars How To:


  • If making smaller daintier stars (great for gifts or on the front of a greeting card too), use a star shaped cookie cutter as a template. If not, go online and print off a standard star shape in the desired size!
  • Cut out your card. Now you have the option of either leaving the card blank (for that rustic look), painting it or you can cut out additional stars in the coloured paper and glue these on. The reason I like doing this, is that it will make your stars “pop out” more on your Christmas tree. If you have gold paper they could look especially festive!
  • Glue a little yarn in place for “hanging” later.
  • Knot your wool across the star and then start wrapping in any which direction. With younger children, you will need to leave the points of the stars “free” – as the wool has a tendency to slip off. If crafting with older kids, it IS possible to get wool right to the edge of the star, but you have be more patient and careful and may also need a little glue to secure it.


  • Once finished knot the wool against itself and finished!!!

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Plenty of ideas for everyone (and can you tell that we love love love to make Christmas Ornaments? One of my favourite crafty activities of the year!)