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Kids Get Crafty – Christmas Trees

| October 27, 2010 | 22 Comments

Hello, I know that Halloween isn’t even over yet and already here I come with a Christmas Tree card for children to make, but this was one of those crafts that “happened” by itself and I decided to post it now (rather than wait 2-3weeks) share it with you. It “happened”, as a) Red Ted was given some sequins as part of a goodie bag and b) we Red Ted randomly pulled out a “The Night before Christmas”. These are SO easy to make and are so pretty, you will be wanting to make 100s (ok, maybe not quite a hundreds). So maybe “early” is ok? You can use these as a stand alone card (a bit like a postcard), a christmas tree ornament, a christmas garland (attach to a string/ ribbon) or stick it on a card to send to family!

I then went on to make some of these trees with one of Red Ted’s friends who was visiting and am planning to make some at the German Playgroup too… so they really are kiddie friendly and suitable for different age groups!

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Frist our Christmas (Tree) Book

Night Before Christmas, The The Night Before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore and Gyo Fujikawa

Clemence C Moore wrote a classic “Christmas Poem”, showing the arrival of a rather cute father Christmas. We are shown a quiet house, with all children tucked up in bed, dreaming of sweet treats. Then, father hears something outside… we meet the 8 reindeer (learning all the names) and Father Christmas himself, squeezing in through the chimney. I love this particular version of The Night Before Christmas, as Fujikawa’s drawings are very 50/60s traditional American drawings – cherub children sleeping, a glorious Christmas tree and a sparkly eyed Father Christmas. And if Christmas is a time for “traditional”, when is? Red Ted loves looking at all the little details (like the sleeping mouse), though does sometimes loose a little patience with the length of the verse and wants to hurry on i the story and look and more pictures!!

The Craft – Christm Trees – for decor or christmas cards!

Materials: Green card, sequins, glue, scissors, possibly some card to stick final trees on. Instead of sequence, you can of course use self adhesive shapes or little bits of ribbon or metallic string. Anything that would make a tree pretty!

Draw a tree shape (think of 3 overlapping triagles + a stump) and cut out

Handover glue and sticky things

Leave them to it (or let them use your hand as a sticking utensil)

Let dry and either

  1. use as they are,
  2. hole punch a hole for a ribbon for christmas tree ornament or
  3. to attach to a garland or
  4. stick on an folded card to post…



For more Kid’s Craft ideas, click here for a full list.

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  1. fabmums says:

    They are lovely! It’s never too early for good crafts, we are starting on our Christmas crafts next week and I like the idea of a garland with little Christmas trees:)

  2. They’re lovely, and as you say they can be used in lots of different ways – maybe even a number line?

  3. Red Ted Art says:

    Fab Mum – yes, I think we will be making more of these trees and def do a garland of sorts! Only have two trees at the moment, but am sure we can make some more!!!

    Cathy – love your numbers idea! Red Ted would love that, he is really into counting at the moment!

  4. Tasha says:

    Once we get Milo’s birthday out the way (early November), I am so ready to get started on Christmas crafts with him. Decorations and cards – lots of fun, thanks for the post!

  5. kewkew says:

    Love the different ideas you give for ways to use these trees. Nice and simple craft, thanks for sharing.

  6. Great craft! My girls would definitely enjoy this one. I’ll have to add it to our Christmas to-do list, along with the book, of course! Thanks for linking up to Read Aloud Thursday!

  7. Janelle says:

    Whoh, look at you. I barely have had time to plan some Halloween crafts…but will definitely keep this in mind next month. Very cute and simple.

  8. It is early, but who can deny the urge to craft, when it hits. Those spontaneous projects are always the best!

  9. Debbie says:

    These are so cute! Selena was looking over the Christmas books at the library, I don’t think we will be much longer here before the crafts start either.

  10. Jenny says:

    It’s fun to start thinking about Christmas!

  11. Red Ted Art says:

    Yes, especially after all the Halloween craft… it is nice to get some new colours into play!!

  12. Charlene says:

    Love the trees! I’ve been seeing Christmas stuff EVERYwhere, so why not start the crafts too hehe!

  13. Natasha says:

    This is such a wonderful way to keep the kids amused but to also get ready for Christmas. Fabulous idea!

    Best wishes,

  14. Red Ted Art says:

    Charlene – good point – the shops are full of it, so I guess I am “allowed” to too!!

    Natasha – thank you – we have short attention spans at Red Ted HQ, so it also a good one that you can get out quickly and put away again throughout the day!!!

  15. Thanks for leaving a link on “E is for Embroidery” with my son Erik’s school project. This is a nice Christmas-preparation project for th younger children. The children are with their father this week (which is why I have time to go around and leave a few comments) but I might try to see if they want to do something similar. They ususally come to me with their own ideas that I am supposed to figure out how to do!
    If you don’t mind, I can link Erik’s embroidery-post to your party.
    Thank you.
    Best wishes,

  16. Red Ted Art says:

    Hi Anna – Perfect! Thank you so much for adding the embroidery project!! And yes, I know just what you mean: My 3yrs old is beginning to say what he wants and I have to figure out a way for us to make it! Look forward to seeing you on Kids Get Crafty again!!


  17. B has been asking for Christmas since we completed the Halloween countdown calendar! He’s ready for sure! The Night Before Christmas is one of my very favorites. I actually read it so often that I’ve memorized it! Thanks for your loyal link-ups at Feed Me Books Friday – I’m working on getting it back to its old glory. Any thoughts?

  18. Ah, the simple ones are very often the best! Lovely!

  19. Van says:

    So cute and simple, I’ll have to try this with my nieces and nephews and join your next party. Cute blog!

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