Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

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Crafting with young children – toddlers and preschoolers alike – is incredibly rewarding, but also challenging. Young children are enthusiastic, create wonderful art, but often also struggle with fine motor skills and concentration. Here is a list of Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers that will hopefully help you and your wards to this Christmas it is quite a comprehensive list from christmas cards, to handprints and TP roll crafts and keepsake ornaments.

Well over 60 ideas to keep you and your little ones busy. When it comes to young children, skill and ability vary wildly. So these ideas have been together, assuming that this is a JOINT crafting session. Let your child or children do as much as they want and can on their own and here and there direct them along their way. I have tried to group the ideas in topical sections and each section finishes of with a link to further ideas (that are possibly for older kids), that I think you will enjoy too! We also think you will love these DIY Advent Calendar Ideas? Hop over and check them out?!

Christmas TP Roll Crafts

  1. Our favourite snowman craft – the TP Roll Snowmen (and a game of Snowman Bowling)
  2. Cute little TP Roll Angel – say aaaaah – love the bit of glitter glue on the wings. We loved adding some recycled jingle bells to them too.
  3. Fabulous Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Trees (great as Napkin Rings or Ornaments)
  4. How about a Twiggy Rudolph? Yes please! You could always use popsicle sticks instead of “nature sticks” too.. so sweet!
  5. Or this super cute and simple TP Roll Santa (fill him with sweets for an extra treat!)
    Celebrate 3 Kings Day with this simple but effective TP Roll Crown Craft
  6. Alternatively, make your OWN set of 3 Kings AND a Camel! (The Camel still makes me giggle). Find the TP Roll 3 Kings here and the TP Roll Camel here.
    We also had fun, with a Winter Small World Play
  7. 2 different types of DIY TP Roll Gift boxes (that kids can make too!)
  8. Similarly we have 2 super cute gift boxes – one decorated as a simple Gnome Gift Box and this super quick reindeer gift box!

Want more TP Roll Crafts (for older kids too)? Check out our “full set” including crafts from other sites

12 Christmas TP Roll Crafts
Cardboard Tubes make fantastic craft materials at Christmas

Christmas Handprint Crafts

I think handprint crafts are especially lovely for toddlers and preschoolers, with there cute little hands. It is crazy how quickly they grow and how these lovely handprint keepsake crafts, quickly become “too big”. So make the most of those adorable small hands. Here are some of our ideas:

First up, the Handprint Angels.. or if you want.. you could also make them as “just” popsicle stick angels.. and cut out paper wings instead. Kind of a “two for one” craft incorporating both handprints and Christmas Popsicle ideas!

Similarly, you can make these adorable handprint reindeers. Love the addition of the christmas lights – you can use this as an opportunity to discuss and explore colors… or make them different shapes to include some shape identification too!

And finally… we have the Handprint Gnomes too! So cute.

Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers (general)

  1. We love this Pipecleaner Christmas Tree Decor! A fun introduction to the basics of “quilling” whilst also honing those fine motor skills!
  2. Or how about some Coffee Filter Christmas Tree Ornaments? Love the combination of coffee filter painting and nature crafting to make these cute ornaments. Again, great on their own or lovely as a garland.
  3. Upcycle Cardboard into this fabulous Christmas Tree Crown!
  4. Have a go at making Cinnamon Play Dough – gorgeous sensory fun!
  5. ADORABLE Paper Plate Christmas Tree Whirligigs
  6. Simple glass jar votives
  7. Salt dough votives
  8. Turn kids art into a picture advent calendar
  9. Christmas Tree Handprints – a lovely Christmas tree craft for the classroom – you could use the same technique to make a fabulous collaborative Christmas wreath too.
  10. Adorable PRINTABLE DIY Lacing Cards
  11. Make Your Own Snowman Snap Game for school fairs or the classroom

Christmas Cards for Preschoolers

Next in our preschool Christmas crafts collection continues with our Christmas Card designs to make and send this holiday season.

Over 50 Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers! We love these great crafts and activities for tots and preschoolers, keeping them busy and making things festive these holidays! Merry Christmas! #Christmas #ChristmasCrafts #ChristmasCraftsPreschool #Preschool #Preschoolers #CraftsforPreschoolers
Homemade Christmas Cards are the best and make lovely keepsakes
  1. Cotton Wool Pad Snowman Cards, you could easily make a version o fthis with cotton balls too!
  2. Textured and tactile Gingerbread house collage
  3. Santa Star Cards – the cotton balls used as santa’s beard are so cute
  4. Christmas Tree & Sequins Cards  for tots
  5. Ornament Cards (Button Snowflake) (stick on the front of a card)
  6. Gingerbread men cards
  7. Oh Christmas Tree – Recycled magazine cards
  8. Bauble Cards (Great for Tots and all ages up!)
  9. Cookie Cutter Printing Cards (again great for Tots and all ages up!)
  10. Fingerprint Penguin Cards
  11. We mentioned these Lacing Cards above already, but I htink they also make great Greeting Cards this time of year!

More Keepsake Christmas Card Ideas for Kids here:

Christmas Card Ideas for Kids
So many fantastic Christmas Cards for Kids to make

Christmas Ornaments for Preschoolers

Christmas Ornaments for Preschoolers and Young Kids. Over 50 Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers! We love these great crafts and activities for tots and preschoolers, keeping them busy and making things festive these holidays! Merry Christmas! #Christmas #ChristmasCrafts #ChristmasCraftsPreschool #Preschool #Preschoolers #CraftsforPreschoolers
DIY Ornaments are fun to make even with preschoolers

We LOVE making DIY Christmas Ornaments – they are a great way to build a collection of Kids’ Crafts year on year. Revisiting each year what was made the year before and to enjoy and see the progress your kids are making. Happy memories and treasured keepsakes!

  1. Reindeer Corks – Ornament – it literally takes 3 minutes to make 
  2. Cork Mushrooms
  3. Super simple Bead Wreaths (great for keeping young hands busy whilst you do other things)
  4. Stick Santa (you know how we love Sticks!!)
  5. Button Snowflakes (who can resist a button)
  6. You can also use pipe cleaners and beads, to make beautiful beaded snowflake ornaments too!
  7. Pom Pom Pine Cones Trees (pom poms are so fabulously  tactile for small hands – super easy Christmas crafts for sure)
  8. Red Saltdough Hearts (such a classic!)
  9. Similarly, adding a button, makes them extra cute: Button Saltdough Hearts
  10. I LOVE this variation on salt dough.. and adding sea glass or lots of buttons to make Christmas Trees!
  11. Or make them any shape – like these Salt Dough Golden Stars (Garland)
  12. Ice Ornaments (why not decorate the great outdoors too?)
  13. Edible Ornaments
  14. Walnut Babies
  15. Hama Bead Stars

Our FAVOURITE 30 DIY Christmas Ornaments – with a handy preschool section – are now available in this handy download – browse it as an ebook or print and turn into worksheets:

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MANY MORE DIY Christmas Ornaments here (for older kids and grown ups too!)

We also have some more great Christmas Cork Ornaments here:

Christmas Treats for Preschoolers

  1. Easy Edible Ornaments 
  2. No bake gingerbread houses (our all time favourites)

More edible ornaments to bake as a family here:

Christmas Gifts Preschoolers Can Make

Of course ANYTHING a child makes, is a great gift and will be received with love and admiration. The ornaments listed above make particularly lovely little Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers to make… and I always try and get my kids to make at least a couple for family! But if you also fancy some gift ideas that are practical, take a look at these.

  1. Crayon Rock Paper Weights
  2. Kids Art Plates
  3. Classic Child Art Photo frame
  4. Leaf Bowls
  5. Fabric Mache Bowls
  6. Lavender Heart Key Rings (with help from an adult)
  7. Lavender Bags
  8. Footprint Bookmarks
  9. Craft Stick Bookmarks
  10. Salt Dough Fridge Magnets
  11. Easy Clay Pinch Pots
  12. Collect Kids Art and turn it into a calendar

Looking for more Christmas Gifts that Kids Can Make (for older kids too)? Take a look here:

Christmas Gift Wrap and Christmas Boxes for Preschoolers

  1. Dotty Wrapping Paper (SO EASY!)
  2. Cookie Cutter Print
  3. Fingerprint Wrapping Paper (8 different fingerprint designs)
  4. Potato Print Wrapping Paper
  5. Apple Printing
  6. Going Wild
  7. TP Roll Gift Boxes
  8. Paper cup gift boxes

Want to make more  DIY Wrapping Paper ?

More DIY Gift Boxes

And as if all of the above isn’t enough!! We have may more Christmas DIY ideas for you on Red Ted Art!! One of which, I thought you might particularly like, is this set of Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas.. do take a look! Nothing quite like a homemade Christmas, is there?

I do hope you have enjoyed our selection of Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers!! Have a happy crafting season!

We have a fabulous new ebook: 30 DIY Christmas Ornament – with a section dedicated to prescoolers and now available in this handy download – browse it as an ebook or print and turn into worksheets:

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