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Over 30 Back to School Get Crafty

| July 31, 2011 | 33 Comments

Hooray it is “Back To School” crafts time!! Or maybe you would like to make something for your workspace in the office.. hopefully you will find something here from young to old. And with that we are looking forward to exploring lots of stationery and lunch box crafts and ideas.  To make with kids or for kids or for a friend. From note books, to pencil toppers, to pencil cases and satchels, to some fabulously fun foody crafts. I hope you feel inspired.. School is still a little while away, but sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks to assemble your craft materials and find the time to make something….

Over 30 Stationery and Back to School ideas

Back To School with Kids

Schultüte bastelnSchultuete

Being Austrian and having gone to a German School myself, I think back fondly to the traditional Schultuete you get on your first day of school – filled with small gifts and sweets they are designed to ease you into the first day of school! Aren’t they lovely?  I will be making another this Summer as Pip Squeak starts school!



back to school craftsPocket It

A super duper QUICK craft and yet lots and lots of fun. What youngster would enjoy their own “Pocket It”  notebook, complete with space for a pencil and eraser. Cute and fun. Visit Woman’s Day for more. Will certainly make going back to school lovely!




Laminated Bookmarks

Well, what better craft to see you into the school year, than making your own bookmarks – keep those little hands busy whilst crafting and then into their books once back at school. Crafts Kaboose shows us their sweet idea.




giant black board

Chalkboard DIY

Oooh we do love a chalkboard and I am yet to have a go at chalkboard paint.. here City Girl Gone Coastal makes a jumbo chalkboard for her kids. Lovely.




back to school craftsLoo Roll & Popcycle Pen Pot

Aaaah I love it when a bloggy friend rises to the crafty challenge and THEN not only makes something especially for Get Crafty but also uses a Loo Roll!!! Hooray for Tracey from White Lily Green and cute little pen pots! Lovely.




Egg Carton School Bus

Ok.. for my American friends, how can you not simply LOVE LOVE LOVE this Egg Carton School bus?? Just too cute! You could fill it with pencil sharpners, erasers and stickers.. So sweet!



Back To School Older Kids/ For Kids

back to school craftsCupcake Pencil Topper

Oh my, how cute are these cupcake pencil toppers? I adore them! And I love all things felty, so these are simply perfect! I know I would have loved these at school and they would make a perfect party bag gift too! WhiMSy Girl shares her lovely design and tutorial with us!



back to school pencil toppersMoustache & Lip Pencil Topper

Aaand for those slightly older amongst us, and because I KNOW there are some bloggy friends out there that love all things moustache… here are some Moustache and Lip pencil toppers.. I dare you, make some a la Chica Schmica’s blog and take them into the office. Go on, you know you want to!



Decorated Pencils

If pencil toppers are not your thing, but you still want to jazz up your pencils… simply decorate them a la Martha Steward.  Don’t they look lovely?




back to school decorative pencilsBeautiful Pencils

Or… check out this other gorgeous gorgeous pencil decorating technique over at Omiyage Blogs. You will be surprised at quite how straight forward it is!




Pencil Holder

What a smart little pencil holder this is indeed – take an old can and hey presto… you have these fab desktop holders. I reckon you could even take them to work! Fancy House Road shows us how!




back to school officeLoo Roll Pencil Holder

Oh and here is a lovely Loo Roll conversion for boys (and girls) and dads… A quick and fabulous looking idea from Bostik. I reckon this would also look great for back to work and the office…  Would make a great gift for dad too!



back to school pouchSupply Pouch

Aaaah this is such a sweet little pouch – made with much love and feeling and surely must be a special gift to take to school. Flamingo Toes shares her tutorial with us. So sweet indeed and a lovely little sewing project to get stuck into!!




back to schoolMore Pencil Cases

Or why not try your hand at making one these tube pencil cases! Aren’t they smart? They would make a lovely make up bag too… erm, not that you would need that at school of course. Visit Sew Mama Sew to see the tutorial.




back to schoolButterfly Book Bag

I love it when you take something “ordinary” and snazz it up and make it special. This is exactly what Tai Dye Original did for her little girl by turning a normal backpack into a Butterfly Backpack!




office craftsSatchel

And if you are making something for a teen, college student or adult… why not try this fabulous satchel? Delightful Dozen shares this Guest Post.



office craftsPost It Note Booklet

Oooh I love these little Post It Note Booklets – who would have guess that they started off as a humble post it note book? These would look nice at school, at university or the office! Greeting Arts shares her lovely tutorial!




back to schoolHomework Central

Now my little ones are indeed still little… but if space is an issue in your house, or you all like to be ogether without being distracted, then maybe a homework central craft is just the thing for you. Family Fun share their ideas.




back to school craftsBeano Recycled Desk

Or if you do have dedicated homework area, why not snazz up an old desk with some comics.. I don’t normally link to “shops”, but I found this on Folksy and I thought it was fabulous – I am sure it could be copied – a bit of decoupage glue and bobs your uncle?



How to… make a Beautiful & Simple Crochet Rosette Flower (Guest Post)Hair Band

Who doesn’t want to look pretty on the first day back at school? Make your little girl a lovely Rosette Flower hair band.. a guest post from the fabulous Creative Jewish Mom on Red Ted Art.





Back to The Office (Crafts for Grown Ups)

back to the office craftsBusiness Card Holder

Love it when you get to do a little craft for yourself!! And how cute are these lovely little business cards holders from over at The Gingerbread House? Lovely! And certainly better than my “bottom of the handbag” filing technique!




back to work schoolFloppy Disc Pen Holder

Ever wondered what to do with those rather dated floppy disc knocking around? Well, wonder no more! Make these very office appropriate pen holders! Visit Having No Blog is Your Blog, for erm, the idea, but no how to… still, sometimes it is enough to just see something, right?



Sweater Laptop Holder

Oh my oh my oh my! I thought that recycled sweater xmas stockings were clever, but how GORGEOUS is this laptop holder? Woweee. I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Go check Etsy How Tuesday on, uhm, how to..




back to school office craftsGiant Clock

I love this very stylish idea from Sew Kansas – what better way to start of the new school year by being on time! This giant clock gives you no excuse to be late…




Back to School – Fun FOOD related ideas

Back to School Lunchbags

I love this very smart and stylish lunchbag – I hate “waste” and this is a lovely little reusable lunchbag that looks great and looks after your food just perfectly! Go and be inspired by none other than the Purl bee!




Fruit Printables

Generally I am not that “big on” printables… but these these are sooooooo cute! How lovely to surprise your loved one with a little message either at work or school? Certainly should help ease that “back to school pain”. Alpha Mom shares it with us.




salad in a jar

Salad Jars

To me, this makes taking salads to work (or school) trendy again. Not just that, but stop those leaky tupperwares and enjoy a nice salad out of these pretty looking jars. Fab! Home Spun With Love came up with the idea!




back to school twisty tiePretty Twist Ties

Ok.. now I am not sure that I really have the time to make pretty twist ties… but then again, they are SOOOOO simple, why not? If it makes your child (husband’s/ wife’s) food look that little bit lovelier… why not? Check out Zakka Life for how to!



back to school sandwich wrapSandwich Wrappers From Cereal Bags

I love love love how these Sandwich wrappers are made from recycled Cereal Bags – Valerie from Frugal Family Fun is indeed a clever lady! And it is big enough that it doubles up as a placemat. I checked – and you can machine wash these at a low temperature! Fabulous!




back to school cookiesChalkboard Cookies

Ooooh aren’t these cookies just TOO TOO cute? I love them! Chalkboards complete with writing, apples and chalk. How adorable. Sugar Turntable shares their tutorial. Would wouldn’t love finding these dear cookies once back to school? Would make a nice teacher’s gift too!




back to schoolMagic Message Bananas

And these bananas sure put a smile on my face… write a message in the morning and then by snack time.. hey presto. Come To Get Her Kids came up with this fun and thrifty idea!




So… what do you think? Did these fabulous crafts inspire you to Get Crafty?! Get ready to go back to school with all these lovely craft ideas!



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  1. Sara says:

    There are some lovely ideas for our little homeschool. Thank you.
    xoxo Australia

  2. Stitchthis says:

    Just found yr blog via mumsnet – this is brilliant! What great ideas! Should keep me and Elder One busy! Thanks

  3. Red Ted Art says:

    Fabulous! So pleased to have you “on board” Stitchthis! Enjoy and do have a nose around the rest of blog.. you may also like Weather Get Crafty!!

    Sara – hooray for homeschooling :-)

  4. Destri says:

    It always amazes me that just when I think I have seen it all on the internet, some comes up with a great list of things I have never seen! You spent a lot of time on this, thanks do much for including us :)

  5. Tai says:

    THank you so very much for the feature! I feel totally famous!

  6. maria says:

    Lovely selection as always! I really like the german tradition of the Schultuete, I think it should be adopted everywhere:)

  7. I want a Beano desk! Or I could make one with old Bunty comics! Very retro…

  8. I missed this get crafty, but was inspired to do make some Pencil Pots out of cereal boxes. A bit like the bostik ones using toilet rolls. Looking forward to trying out some of the other ideas.

  9. Red Ted Art says:

    Maria – totally agree! We will do one, just can’t decide whether to do it at Reception or Year One! In Germany we would do it for Year 1 … but I think the schools here treat Reception as the beginning of school!

    Destri – My pleasure and thank you for such a lovely comment!

    Tai – my pleasure :-)

    Rebecca – come join in next time! And love your cereal box recycle

    Narrowboat Wife – indeed! So do I!!!!

  10. What a great idea! Very retro and cool. Like it. Now i regret throwing out all those floppies!

  11. Kristine says:

    Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

    We host a linky party every Tuesday “Help a Momma Out” This would be a great link up! Would appreciate if you shared it :) Thank you!


  12. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you for the invite and have linked up! :-)

  13. Tara says:

    what an amazing collection of back to school stuff. I’m a new follower and would love for you to join my linky party.

  14. Johnnie says:

    This is so cool! Stopping by to invite you to link up to Thrifty Thursdays. Blessings!


  15. Red Ted Art says:

    Done! Thanks for the invite :-)

  16. Jacke says:

    So much to pin on this post!!! I love that you have ideas for young to old. And I love the food ideas!

  17. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you Jacke! I *try* to make the whole blog for all age groups and the monthly Get Crafty feature is definitely ONE place I get to do that :-)!

  18. Aimee says:

    I love all of these ideas 😉

  19. becky (babybudgeting) says:

    Tbhis sa brillaint list will get stiuck in well done as ever my lovely friend!

  20. Gale says:

    Thes Star Wars prints are cool. Where’d you find them?

  21. Red Ted Art says:

    The link is above too… but in case you missed it http://www.starwars.com/kids/activity/crafts/f20070823/index.html

  22. Kristin says:

    Thank you for featuring our Salad in a Jar!!! :)

  23. Kate says:

    This isn’t a ‘back to school’ tradition – more an end of term tradition. On the last day of term we used to have a ceremonial binning of the school shoes. More often than not, they were on their last legs as I refused to buy new ones so close to the end of term. It always symbolised freedom for my girls – for a while until it was time to return again.

  24. Red Ted Art says:

    Kate – Oooh I love that! :-)

  25. Amanda says:

    Thanks for featuring my bookmarks from kaboose Maggy!

  26. These are such cute ideas! I love the messages on the banana.

    I would love for you to link this post to my Back to School Link Up!

  27. I adore these crafts! I’m going to try the headband and I just made the floppy disk one. I think I need to check out their directions to make sure I did it right! :)

  28. I love the idea of making bookmarks. Perfect for all the books the kids will read this school year! Thanks for linking up to the Back to School with Kid Blogger Network linky.

  29. Cupcake pencil toppers are now on our ‘things to make’ list – so darn cute! And I just found a handful of floppy discs in the basement – now you’ve given me an idea of how to use them :) Such a great list Maggie! Thanks for linking up at KBN Back to School.

  30. These are all wonderful! I love the variety of pencil holders and cases.

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