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Kids Crafts: Spring Colours

| April 11, 2012 | 20 Comments

four seasons spring craftSpring activitiesYou may know, that I am doing a “year long” four Seasons craft project with the kids. We did a bubble wrap and finger print Four Seasons last year and enjoyed the process so much, that we are doing another “set of seasons” this year. We do them every 3 months – first we wait for the season to change.. then we talk about the season we are in and then get crafty! This year’s “theme” is colours – based on a Leo Lionni – Federick. It is a LOVELY little book about Frederick the mouse and artist! Do read all about it over in our Winter Colours post – I highly recommend it.

Materials: Contact Paper (sticky back plastic in the UK), black card (for the border and silhouette), tissue paper

four seasons craft

1) I prepared the contact paper with a black border again – this gives you a nice finished picture, but also avoids the contact paper from rolling up on itself or sticking to itself. I asked the children what images represent spring – we had a winter tree last time. We talked about ducks and lambs… but settled on swans and cygnets – Red Ted remembered that we saw the cygnets at the local common – and that last year we watched them grow all Summer. I cut out the swan and cygnet silhouettes, they stuck them on.

spring crafts tissue paper

2) The children then cut up some tissue paper. They are both getting very good at handling scissors. And yes.. I did let them use “my” scissors. I think under supervision this is ok. Again, whilst cutting we talked about the different colours that Spring mean to us. Lots of light green for the fresh new leaves. Pink for (my favourite) blossoms and yellow for daffodils. Some purples for other little flowers and blue for the sky and pond.

spring picture

3) The children then got to stick. Interestingly, Red Ted (4) is becoming very methodical (I hasten to add, quite UNLIKE me). Look how he is adding strips of blue for “his sky”. Pip Squeak (2), just enjoyed picking colours and sticking!

spring seasons craft

Pip Squeak’s (2)

four seasons crafts toddler

Red Ted’s (4)

4) Done. What do you think? Gorgeous, no?

Here they are next to Winter:

Four seasons toddler craft

Red Ted’s on the top.

Pip Squeak’s below.

Don’t forget to read all about Fredrick the mouse and why we chose this book and theme in the Winter Colours post!

Spring activities

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 I would particularly love to see any toddler four seasons craft you may have done in the past!

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  1. Christie Curtner says:

    This is a very cute idea. I may have to try this with my Children\’s Church kids.

  2. They look just fabulous! I love the idea of having 4 of them for the seasons. Frame-able I think! Debs

  3. These are gorgeous indeed! The silhouettes of the swan family is a lovely touch.
    And yeah – the black border to the contact paper is a great idea, too. Highlights the whole thing beautifully plus, as you said – stops the contact paper from rolling up.

  4. They look like beautiful stained glass windows! Really effective! x

  5. Another gorgeous picture I love the swans on it (we got contact paper this week can\’t wait to start trying out some things 😀 )

  6. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you ladies! I have to say, we LOVE them on our windows (the children have set each in their rooms) and we can\’t wait to get onto the next one!! Bring on Summer!

  7. The swans are so cool! I love the idea of the black silhouettes. Thanks for the inspiration and hosting the link up, Maggy!

  8. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you Krissy :-) We need to think of what silhouettes to do for Summer now!

  9. Esther says:

    Beautiful Maggy! Love the ducks and the tissue paper background!

  10. sunnymama says:

    Very gorgeous! It would be lovely if you\’d like to share your spring colours with our spring carnival. :)

  11. Red Ted Art says:

    Of course! Thank you!

  12. Heather says:

    I love these!! I\’ve always been a big fan of contact paper/tissue paper crafts. They\’re simple projects that always turn out gorgeous. I love the addition of the black cardstock too. These may be just what we need to replace the paper snowflakes we had up in our windows not too long ago.

    Thank you for sharing!

  13. eryn says:

    I love how these turned out! So pretty! I pinned it:

  14. they are lovely Maggy. xx

  15. Terri Izatt says:

    These are beautiful!! I want to try them with my kinders. A GREAT book for exploring the seasons through are is Nature\’s Paintbox by Patricia Thomas. Wonderful poem and each season is a different medium.

  16. Liz Burton says:

    Very gorgeous and my! How grown up does Pip Squeak look all of a sudden?!

  17. We just did this today! J absolutly loves sticking tissue paper on contact paper. I love how you added the ducks and trees to add more of a story. Thanks for linking up to The Weekly Kid’s Co-op!

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