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Quick Halloween Treats

| October 7, 2012 | 10 Comments

Ok, here is another quick halloween treat that I have been making for years and that has been much loved by friends and family: Chocolate Orange “Jack O’Lanterns”. They are so obviously simple, I really do not know why Terry’s Chocolate Orange hasn’t been making these themselves. Especially, as this time of year there are always lots of promotions on for Terry’s Chocolate Oranges which make me think they are not selling very well.

I tried to contact the marketing team with the idea, but they are impossible to get hold of. And now. I share it with you myself. Next year you will see them on the shelves no doubt. Ha. Remember, you saw them here first!

Add a little black paper and PVA glue (I used an elastic to help hold it all in place whilst it dried)… and ta da:

In years gone by, I even covered the original box in black and popped them back inside. Now I don’t have much time for that. BUT they are still a super duper easy and quick Halloween Treat to make up. Perfect for your Other Half or a good friend!


(Oh and Terry’s Chocolate Oranges… you “owe” me!)

Happy Halloweening!

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  1. Haha, very cute indeed and yes, why on earth haven’t they done it too?!

  2. Very very cute! I’m going to have a stack of these in a bowl for Halloween! :-)

  3. Red Ted Art says:

    Anna – my only concern is that they will do it now and the 2 for 1 at this time of year will cease to exist!! ARGH.

    Emma – ooh a whole bowl full would be fab!

  4. ayn says:

    Too cute!!! I’ll have to look for these again!

  5. Make do mum says:

    These are fab, Terry’s are definitely missing a trick… a chocolate arrghhhrange!

  6. how fun and simple! thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase!

  7. Brilliant, great idea, as you say, can’t believe Terrys don’t sell these themselves for halloween, it would be a definite money spinner. (my own chocolate innovation that will never catch on is the four finger kit kat chunky. Just put four kit kat chunkies together on a hot plate and press together – allow to cool and hey presto the four finger chunky – brilliant for anyone who is greedier than they should be).

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