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Kids Art Rag Dolls

| April 17, 2013 | 22 Comments

keepsake dolls

When I first started off on Pinterest, I saw some adorable Rag Dolls that Rummage had made with her girls – their dolls are just TOTALLY adorable and you simply must click through and take  a peak! And I pinned it to make with MY KIDS one day.  I couldn’t wait for Red Ted’s and Pip Squeak’s drawings to develop enough to have a go. And so we did. I am so pleased that Red Ted wanted to make some do and that he came up with his own superhero idea (he is on a sleep over at Granny’s today and took his superhero with him!).

Materials: plain fabric, I have some that I bought for making some of the Black Apple Dolls. Fabric scraps for arms and legs. Some stuffing. Then either hand or machine sew.

We didn’t really use specific measurements to share – it was all quite rough and ready, but I think that that is the charm of these dolls – an easy sewing project, full of quirky individuality!

Design your own doll

Rag Doll Drawing

1) I cut 2 rectanglur pieces of the plain fabric – marked a head and neck for Pip Squeak and then let her loose with my new sharpie pens. I talked her through the process, but she did all of it herself. I suggested “what colour eyes would you like to do?” she said “green”. Then she asked for some “black, to do the middle bit, mummy”. I asked “do we need eye lashes”, she “yes and eye brows!”. Is the doll happy or sad… etc. She did her drawing and then decorated the top. It was interesting to see how she modeled the doll on herself – she touched her hair when she decided on how to draw the dolls her, she touched her nose and said “I have two holes mummy” and added those to her doll etc. Very sweet session in “self recognition”.

2) We then went upstairs and Pip Squeak got to choose some fabric for the dolls arms and legs. She picked fabrics that used to be her old clothes. Yay. We cut 2 smaller rectangles for arms and again for legs.

Making Kids Rag Dolls

3) I sewed the dolls arms and legs shut, turned them right side round and Pip Squeaked stuff them.

Keepsake Rag Doll

4) We then assembled the doll inside out – this was the fiddliest bit, because you have to pin the arms and legs in place and fit it all in. I whizzed round with the sewing machine and left a gap.

Making dolls

5) Pip Squeak filled it.

6) Then I sewed it shut. We then had a rummage through our ribbons and bits and pieces and Pip Squeak found some organza flowers and ribbons to decorate her dolls with. Perfect.

rag dolls by kids

Pip Squeak was SMITTEN. HER very own doll. SHE designed it all. She was so happy and showed everyone straight away.

simple rag dolls for kids

Red Ted came home (from a bike ride with Opapa) and also wanted to make one – he decided on Superhero Robin! Made me smile. We went through the above process and I also found some shiny fabric to make a cape. On Red Ted’s doll I gave the doll a bit more shape around the head and neck. Makes sewing a bit fiddlier, but he was happy.

Once finished, both kids wanted to make ANOTHER doll. So we did. In total 4 dolls in 24 hours. Phew. But very happy kids.

Easy Rag Dolls

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  1. artsy_momma says:

    Cute idea! I am so bummed because I wanted to do our own version of your new spring tree crafts and started to collect twigs on the walk back to our truck after picking my son up from his preschool. I told him we were going on a nature hike when we got home to collect things for our trees and it started raining on the drive home….. I live in the desert, lol, so it never even crossed my mind that it would actually rain!!! :) Congrats on your book & new blog design BTW!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Oh no!! How annoying is that? The ONE DAY you want a dry day and it rains!! I hope you get to have a go in a few days time!! And thank you re the congrats **BEAM**

  2. These are so cool! What a treasure to have in years to come, too. Pinning this! And thank you for hosting the link-up!

  3. Neasa says:

    These are gorgeous. I can imagine the pride they both have in the ‘I made that’ moment.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      I am hoping to make them again when she is a little older and have a “set” of the dolls! Maybe do them as a party activity one year!

  4. Oh Maggy I just LOVE them!! I must make some with the children they are so sweet

  5. Joyce says:

    I have to find a kid to do this with! And love the “self recognition” session.

  6. Jenny Jones says:

    AWESOME! I have made dolls but never thought of getting my son involved in designing his own. We will be doing this soon. Thanks for the great idea!

  7. SusieQTpies says:

    These are so adorable!!!! xoxo susieQTpies

  8. Judy says:

    So stinking cute! I have to do this with my 6 year old…he would have such a blast. Did you use fabric markers?

    • Red Ted Art says:

      I had some fabric markers Judy, but they were a little old. So I went for sharpies – basically meaning I won’t wash them. But you are right, if I used fabric markers that would make them great long term, as the stuffing I have is machine washable!

  9. I love this idea! The Princess has started doing some cool portraits and I can definitely see them as dolls.

  10. Samantha Agar says:

    I LOVE this! Definitely doing it with my boys. Just hoping you can clarify whether you sewed on the arms and legs with their tops open to the body or if you just seamed across them?

    • Red Ted Art says:

      I just seemed across them – much easier!

      • Awesome. I am pretty sure that’s now my Mum used to do them but thought I would see if you had an opinion either way now that you’ve done it once or twice!
        We drew our “dudes” today on canvas scraps and when I went to sew them my machine jammed. I have just started using it again after a long hiatus and I have no idea what I am doing! Looks like these dolls will be hand sewn in the evenings until done :p
        Thanks for the great project!

  11. becky says:

    Oh Maggy i think these are lovely it really is about valuing what children create isn’t it. Gorgeous. One for the treasure boxes

  12. Rachel says:

    Those dolls are just precious! What fun little treasures to have. Thanks for sharing them at For the Kids Friday. I’m featuring your post at this week’s party! xoxo

  13. Varya @ CWOV says:

    I love making rag dolls! They are always such a hit

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