Quick Craft Post: (Another) Black Apple Rag Doll

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Remember a few months ago, I made a Rag Doll from over on Martha Steward‘s site – a Guest Post by Emily from Black Apple? I made the first doll for a friend’s little girl’s first birthday…. Well, I love the doll so much, that I *really* wanted to make one for my little girl’s second birthday coming up soon.

I have to say it is rather an addictive doll to make.. once you have made one, you want to make more and more… I LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

I know her body looks lumpy in the photo, but it isn’t, honest!

black apple doll


1) The arms don’t have a seam allowance, so mark them out and sew them before cutting them out.

2) I added little pig tails – two pieces of felt sewing together and then added the same way the arms and legs are added – I saw some other dolls around with them and wanted them for my doll too!

3) I used a little top my little girl used to wear between 3-6months (aaah). The 3 buttons were already on it.I had to hand sew that bit, as the buttons wouldn’t “go under the needle on the machine”. I guess I could have taken the button off and sewn back on later.. either way it didn’t take long. The dolls “tights” are one of Pip Squeak’s babygrows (onesies)!

4) Instead of leaving the opening for turning inside out on the head, I left it on the side of the body. I thought it was neater that way.

5 I smudge the eye a little when taking the photo AAARRRRRGGGH.

Here is the other one:

black apple doll

Black Apple Dolls rock!