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Egg Carton Crafts: Treasure Box

| July 31, 2013 | 25 Comments

So. This little egg carton craft – our treasure box – came about all “by accident”. We were on holiday and Pip Squeak needed a new set of hair bands and hair clips… so off I went and bought her some. When we got home we needed to keep them safe. Someone grabbed an egg box and her holiday treasure box was born. She was more than happy having an undecorated treasure box and played with it for hours – the little egg carton compartments great for sorting with the “poking out bits” great for the hair bands. I thought it would be lovely to decorate it all prettily when we got home. So we decoupaged Pip Squeak’s treasure box and so as not make Red Ted feel left out, we thought we would paint him a brown one. I love them both equally and for different reasons. And I also wonder why we never came up with the Egg Carton Treasure Box idea before – especially as the Egg Carton box is simply perfect (in our eyes!!!).

Egg Carton Treasure Box

(PS I have had lots of question re those little pirates.. they are “Djeco Pirates” and we LOVE them)

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Back to our Treasure Box Craft:

Materials: One Egg Carton, Brown & Gold acrylic paint for Red Ted’s, Decoupage paper and PVA Glue for Pip Squeaks. I also used some Washi Tape and a gem on hers. 

But have a look around and see what materials you have at home.. you can cut out pictures from magazines or use stickers or cover it in fabric.. your call!

Egg Carton Crafts

Treasure Box crafts

1) Start decorating. Pip Squeak did the decoupage. I got her to cut up the paper into small pieces first. For decoupage – add a layer of glue and then place your strips of paper on top. Then add another layer of glue and try to get a smooth a surface as possible. 1-2 layers should suffice. She managed to do about half the box, before she lost concentration. Red Ted, managed to do all the brown painting and asked me to finish off the gold once the brown had dried.

Pretty Treasure Box Craft

Treasure box craft idea

2) Once all dried decorate – in Pip Squeak’s case with some Washi Tape (love Washi Tape? Check out our other Washi Tape Craft ideas) and Red Ted’s we added some golden strips and with a black marker pen some “bolts” and a key hole.

Treasure Box Craft

3) Done. So simple and 100% adored!!!

Now go play.

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What to make from Egg Cartons - Here we hangout and share some of our favourite egg carton crafts

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  1. Those are adorable!I love when crafts become a toy the kids can play with and enjoy. Awesome idea!

  2. Kimber says:

    This is a great idea! Both of my kids would love these. My little guy is obsessed with anything pirate at the moment so perfect!

  3. I particularly love the decoupaged jewellery box! My Miss 4 will love making one of those! And the gold paint – love – must find me some of that!

  4. Judy says:

    So cute! My boys have been into pirates lately and have talked a lot about treasure boxes.

  5. artsy_momma says:

    Love the treasure box idea- it’s so cute!!!

  6. Pinkoddy says:

    Oh this is so fantastic – naturally have pinned.
    Thank you for sharing you amazing talents (and that of your children)

  7. Sian says:

    Another great idea! would make a great granny gift too : )

  8. This is a super idea for making a chest; we love how you used the seal and painted a lock! :)

  9. Tracy Dixon says:

    I love these! So simple and yet so brilliant! x

  10. Pinkoddy says:

    I do love this treasure chest

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