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It is time for a different sort of Bookmark DIY. We LOVE lots of different bookmark ideas and of course are still great fans of the very extensive Corner Bookmark Designs list that we have for you (and will continue to add to it!! Never fear). However once in a while it is nice to try something different. And as part of our new set of Cute DIY Bookmark Ideas, we have these oh so cute Dog Bookmark.

Dog Bookmark - Cute Bookmark Ideas. Love DIY bookmarks? Looking for some cute and easy bookmark DIYs? Have a go at these "hug a book" bookmark animals. They are simply adorable and quick and easy to make. We have a super cute Dog DIY Bookmark, Fox DIY Bookmark and Panda DIY Bookmark AND.... if you are VERY short for time, we have some DIY Bookmark Printables, a black & white version for coloring and a fully colored one for quick assembly! Enjoy.
First shared in May 2017

The instructions below focus on the Puppy Bookmark, but of couse I share with you the adorable Fox Bookmark and Panda bookmark too (Check out our a fun Pug in Tie Hug a Book too – perfect Teacher’s Gift or Father’s Day Bookmark!). I have christened these Hug-A-Book Bookmarks, as I will be expanding this as a bookmark series for you too (that is if you like and would like to see more!!). There are also some FREE Dog DIY Templates down below. Though I KNOW You can make your own version, sometimes a handy free bookmark template is rather nice too!! You can print, colour, cut and assembel it yoruself! I always get a bit excited about post new crafts, so am sharing this post with you, before the wonderful Puppy Bookmark Templates are ready. So bear with me and do come back.

So. To our adorable Puppy Bookmark… we are big pet lovers here at Red Ted Art (at the moment we have 2 cats and a hamster…) and my kids are desperate for a dog. Well. For now we can’t have a dog (see cats mentioned earlier), but that doesn’t stop us from enjoy some a cute Dog DIY, right?

We also have a super cute Pug Bookmark DIY (check out the darling TIE that hangs over your book page! Just adorable and perfect for Father’s Day!). And for Summer Reading we have the cutest Hug a Book Mermaid Bookmark DIYs too!

If you love today’s bookmark themes, we do have Corner Bookmark versions of all three animals here –

Dog DIY – Hug-a-book bookmarks – materials

  • White card
  • Brown paper (we used packing tape)
  • Glue stick
  • Pens
  • Scissors

You can get hold of your FREE TEMPLATES HERE:

—–> Dog DIY – Bookmark Templates (plus bonus fox and panda bookmarks) <—–

—–> Dog DIY – Bookmark Templates (in colour) <—–

Dog DIY – Hug-a-book bookmarks – How To:

Hug-a-bookmarks are super cute and fun to make. I love how they “pop over” the page of your book – almost as if they are waving at you. Simply adorable. Love love love. So today, we share with you how to make the Dog Bookmark. The fox and Panda are shown for reference/ as inspiration for you! You can watch the video or follow the step by step instructions below!

Step by Step Hug A Bookmarks

Making these hug a dog bookmarks is easy and fun! I screen grabbed images form the how to video, so you have a choice of following the written instructions or the video! Whatever suits your needs best! If you are watching the video in the classroom.. maybe the YouTube version embedded below is useful too…. but the YouTube video is much longer! You may prefer this shorter video!

You will need one or two strips of light card. We made do with one strip. Ours is approximately 3cm wide and the full length of an A4 sheet of paper (29cm).

Shape the top of the strip into your paper dog’s head. I basically rounded it off!

Now cut out a small eye patch in brown paper (i used brown packaging paper). Glue in place and draw on additional dog features.

Fold some brown paper in half and cut out two ears at teh same time. They are a bit like two large rain drops, with an extra bit for gluing to the back of the paper dog’s head.

Glue the ears in place.

Now fold the paper again and cut out two simple dog legs. Again. Glue in place. By “building” up the paper dog bookmark in this way, you are actually layering your bookmark and making it strong.

Now cut out the head and legs – cut neatly, so you can use the bottom half o the strip you cut off as your bookmark base.

Add glue to the back of the dog head – NOT the dog’s legs.

Glue the head to the rest of the cardboard strip.

Trim the top of the bookmark and the bottom of the bookmark for a nice finish!

Your hug a book bookmark is finished. What other characters can you create?

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There will be MORE Hug-a-Book Bookmarks… especially if you let me know in the comments that you would like to see more bookmark designs and if so which ones!!

In the meantime, do take a look at our EXTENSIVE Corner Bookmark Ideas list here:

Have fun with your Dog Bookmark DIY!!!

This video tutorial is also available (in long format) on YouTube: