DIY Gift Box Ideas

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There are LOTS of different ways you can great a gift box! You can make a Gift box from paper or fabric, you can decorate an old shoe box and turn it into a gift box. Or you can take the humble TP Roll and create some fabulous shapes and designs – perfect DIY Gift boxes that you can use as party favours. You can make themed DIY Gift Boxes for Halloween or Easter and you can use printables or origami.

Over 15 Quirky Gift Box ideas for kids to make and enjoy! Great for individual gifts or party treat boxes.

The gift box ideas shared here today are design to be fun and quirky! As gift boxes are often discarded, the ideas shared here today are also simple and inexpensive, often using recycled materials. And I would love to hear of any additional ideas you may have. We also have some DIY Kids’ Wrapping Paper ideas.. we have used many an idea below in “emergency run out of paper” situations!!!!

Let’s start with some traditional Gift Box DIYs:

How to make a Paper Box - This Gift Box DIY is a great tutorial for anyone wanting to make a simple and easy paper box.

One of the SIMPLEST paper box origami patterns out there. This pattern is quick and easy to learn and it will have you making boxes everywhere and any time!

Similarly we have a fabulous rectangular Origami Box for you to check out and try too!

Origami Stacking Cat Boxes Thumbnail

Similarly check out these ADORABLE Cat Origami stacking boxes!

Quirky (but easy!) DIY Paper Box Strawberries

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day - DIY Candle and Rustic DIY Gift Box made from Hessian

What is fabulous about the origami box, is that you can make it out of fabrics such as hessian too!

Heart Box Craft & Free Pattern

We created a super simple heart box printable for you. Print, stick and decorate to your heart’s content!

Watch the video above and see how super quick and easy it is to turn a PAPER CUP into a cute little gift box. One paper cup, scissors and a bit of bakers twine and you are done. The best thing about these, is that you can co-ordinate any party theme to match!

Recycled DIY Gift Box Ideas:

As gift boxes are usually just that – a gift box – and may well be discarded after the gift has been received, we particularly like making gift boxes out of recycled materials. Here are some great ideas ranging from mason jars, to egg cartons and shoe boxes. And of course – not to forget – the TP Roll Gift Box (oh so versatile!!).

How to paint a Nutcracker Gift Box from a Pringles Can

Learn how to turn a Pringles Can into a Nutcracker Gift Box, perfect for theatre vouchers or experience gift ideas!

Gorgeous Rainbow Cookie Gift Jar Set. Inspired by both Kawaii and Shopkins, these are simply adorable to make and give!

These DIY Cookie Jars are sooooo fun to make. Are super easy and look great. They are fabulous for a “Cookie in a Jar” gift set, but you can also use them to gift some Shopkins Toys or other trinkets.


Cute Newspaper Easy DIY Gift Bags – easy and quick.


Oh so we made this Treasure Box to keep, well, little treasures in.. but I think it would also make for a super fun gift box. We made two versions – this Pirate Treasure box, but also a lovely decoupage treasure box!! Go for whatever takes your fancy!

No glue Matchbox Drawers - so quick and easy to make

Stacked matchbox drawers – these are great for small gifts (ahem, yes that was obvious), but you could for example, turn this into a mini sewing kit. Wouldn’t that make a marvelous gift?

Upcycled Gift Boxes

The kids made these bight and colourful gift boxes as part of a fundraising day at school. Don’t they look fabulous. Can you guess what they have been made from?

Cute Plastic Bottle Apple Gift Boxes as Teacher's Gifts - 5minute crafts - fun and easy to make

5minute Plastic Bottle Apple – love how oh so simple and yet effective these are! Fill with lunch time treats or turn them into a fabulous Teacher’s gift!

Milk Carton Jug Weaving Basket for Easter or Mother's Day

Not strictly speaking a box but these milk carton baskets are a great way to present gifts too!

Doll in a Box - Gift Set

And the humble shoe box.. add some decoupage a fabric flower and it is pretty as can be! We used one here to home our “Doll in a box” gift set. But you can fill it with stationery and craft material – or any gift really and it will look great!

DIY Gift Box Ideas made from TP Rolls

We have SO many TP roll gift box ideas, that I thought I would list them separately!

Cardboard Tube Gift boxes

If you staple a TP roll in opposite directions at each end, you can these fabulous “pyramid” TP Roll boxes. Decorate with stickers and done.

TP Roll Gift Boxes

Alternatively, you can paint or wrap the TP roll in paper , squish down the sides for this Pill Box look.

Once you have worked out some basic TP Roll Gift Box shapes, you can decorate them to suit any occasion:

Cat TP Roll Gift Boxes. A super cute upcycled project come gift wrap idea. Fill with small treats or something bigger

TP Roll Cats (and a sneaky tiger) – these are great for cat lovers all year round, but would also be a “cute” Halloween Gift Box.

minion gift box 2

Well.. what can I say, these minions are simply FUN! And make a great Father’s Day Gift Box idea.. or great at as party favours at a Minion Party.

toilet paper roll valentines gift box

Kawaii Hearts are perfect as Valentines Gift Boxes, but would also be lovely for Mother’s Day or as Birthday Gift Boxes!

Valentines owl

What a Hoot! We are rather partial to all things OWL CRAFT related.. how cute are these yarn wrapped owl gift boxes? So fun. Again, these would be suitable for Valentines Gifting, Mother’s Day or Birthdays!

cardboard tube snowman favours

Simlarly, you can decorate your TP Roll Boxes as adorable Snowman Gift Boxes!

reindeer ideas

Similarly, you can turn your Toilet Paper Roll, into this super duper quick and easy Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer gift box! Fill with treats and Hershey’s kisses! So fun.

valentines gift box gnomes

Make some Valentines Gnome Craft boxes. So cute and easy!

Last Minute Treat Boxes

Similarly.. these unpainted bunnies take MINUTES to make, so you can make a whole set of them in no time. Stuff some tissue paper along the bottom and they are a great Easter Gift Box Treat!

You can also turn your Toilet Paper Rolls into fabulous Chick Gift Boxes! How cute are these? And they are no mess and only take minutes to make!!

Easy Candy Corn Craft - turn TP Rolls into pyramid candy corn treat boxes perfect for Halloween and Thanks Giving

I adore this take on the pyramid TP Roll gift box – they are SIMPLY perfect as candy cane. Use them for Halloween Party favours!

Halloween Crafts

More TP roll ideas and similar to the cats and bunnies shared above, we also made TP Roll BATS. Again perfect for Halloween and if you add a little piece of paper and string to the bottom of these bats, they make EXCELLENT bat pinatas! Make one for each Halloween Party Guest

DIY Ghost MINI Pinatas - such fun

Ok.. so these ghost pinatas are NOT made from TP Rolls they are made using paper cups, but I decided to pop them in this section, as we had some Halloween Gift Box ideas here already. So here we go…. Paper cup ghosties. SERIOUSLY easy to make and we used recycled tissue paper too!


And here is a super fun “secret” gift wrap idea! Genius!

Over 15 Quirky Gift Box ideas for kids to make and enjoy! Great for individual gifts or party treat boxes

I do hope you have found these DIY Gift Box Ideas inspirational!!!

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