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Mason Jar Crafts

| August 1, 2013 | 12 Comments

Jar Craft Ideas

So… you know how we love get together and discuss craft ideas – today we share with you Jar Crafts – yep. How you can reuse or craft jars that you would normally throw away. We created a little video for you discussing all our ideas and I am sharing links to more specific “how tos” here today. (Video still being edited, please come back asap).. in the meantime, our ideas!

The Jar Crafts Video


In order of appearance (once the video is live!!):

1) First up we share our love for decorating jars. In all sorts of ways possible. Our first and possibly favourite are Tissue Paper Lanterns. We did a set for Halloween which is great! But you can also do a “rainbow” or butterfly version for Summer!

2) We also decorated lanterns using fabric. Super easy. Super thrifty.

3)… as well as using pressed flowers and leaves (perfect for preserving Summer flowers and also for anticipating the Autumn leaves coming our way).

4) Next I discuss our Memory Jar or Time Capsule. A lovely way to talk about your holidays or the year gone by.

5) No “jar crafts” post would be complete without a traditional snowglobe craft. We used plastic figures and FIMO (polymer clay) to make ours.

6) Kids Chaos goes down the foodie route and shares their Cookies in a Jar. They make GREAT gifts at Christmas too.

7) She also had a VERY simple, but so effective “flower jar vases” at her wedding. Pretty pretty indeed. And only a little wire or twine needed.

8) Of course you can use your jars to also make delicious lavender sugar… or….

9) some Domestic Goddesque’s Lavender bath scrub (or any bath scrub for that matter!)

10) Finally Kids Chaos suggests we use our jars as glasses.. Bottoms up. What ho, old chap!

11) Zing Zing Tree has a quirky snowglobe version – turning HER snowglobe into a telescope and discusses what glitter is best for snowglobes (watch the video)

12) She also makes some adorable Butterflies in a Jar (watch the video) and I love…

13) Zing Zing Trees Herbs in a Jar gardening activity too… now to just get those herbs growing. I always fail miserably at those. Oh and I almost forgot the Keepsake Jars. Super sweet.

14) Knitty Mummy shares the glue dot glitter decorating idea. Great fun for the kids and resulst in “perfect dots”… and…

15) …wows us all with her fantastic cheesecake in a jar recipe. We all ooh-ed and aah-ed at this one and are all SOOO going to make it!

16) Me and My Shadow shares beautiful pained swilled jars – great for using up odds and ends of paint… and…

17) … also makes adorable Seaside “landscapes” in a jar – with sand and water. Like “water filled dioramas” but better!

18) Me and My Shadow’s final jar craft is the camping “matchbox” idea. Super cute and a great stocking filler for camping fiends – love the sandpaper tip in the lid!


19) Also sharing the fantastic Retro Toy Storage Jar guest post from Lulastic!

20) Finally.. make a Garden in Jar another beautiful guest post from Scissors and Steam!

So.. I do hope you have been inspired to make some jar crafts… and that like us.. you will now be checking out the jars your food products come in.. I love having a “set” of the same jar type (with a pretty) lid and using it just to store my crafty goodies! Fabulous.

More Mason Jar Crafts here.

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  1. Cookies in a Jar | Kids Chaos | August 1, 2013
  1. Ali says:

    brilliant round up of jam jar uses… thanks for hosting, pleasure to be a part of it as usual! Ali x

  2. claire says:

    Thank you for sharinG. Some brilliant ideas, I am off to get scrubbing the labels off more jars! We also have a couple of different jar ideas, one layered with beans and pulses, Looks lovely in kitchen. And a rainbow jar layered with coloured salt. :)

  3. Mike Grant says:

    Some great ideas there. I just wish I had read this post about a week ago, as I just threw out a heap of old jars.

  4. Emma White says:

    This is great so many fab ideas and tips :) thank you for sharing a great post xx

  5. vikki sanderson says:

    Me and my boys made jar lanterns for halloween. We used bandages and wrapped them around the jar (we got them to stick using PVA glue. Then painted them to look like mummies/pumpkins and frankensteins! :).

  6. Jorganne Culver says:

    Great ideas!! Really enjoyed the videos! Thank you ladies!!

  7. rhonda says:

    To actually plant something in a jar u need to line the bottom with rocks (no driveway gravel!) and I then put your dirt and plant in. Water lightly and let it dry out to where u stick your finger in the soil to your 1st knuckle. If its still moist don’t water. Over watering is peoples most common mistake! :)

  8. Anita says:

    Love raiding the recycling! Thanks for all the creative inspiration, will definitely be making and sharing your ideas : )

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