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Four Seasons Crafts: Summer Trees

| August 7, 2013 | 7 Comments

Four Seasons Crafts

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know, that I love exploring the four seasons with my kids. Each year we have a different four seasons project that we slowly complete season by season throughout the year. I want them to EXPERIENCE the seasons as we do our four seasons crafts and really understand what the seasons mean. Of course, these could all be done made in ONE GO – in a lesson plan about the four seasons, but really, we love coming back to these again and again. This year’s theme has been “nature collages”. We have been creating seasonal trees based on nature and the nature that relates to the seasons – in essence bare stick trees. Stick trees with real petals for blossoms and now SUMMER TREES – of course a stick tree in full leafy glory! (For Winter, we used sticks. For Spring, we wanted to look at blossom and new leaves shooting.)

Materials: Sticks and leaves!

As for our previous four seasons projects, I avoided damaging any plants … well kind of. We collected sticks on a walk and we took small leaves from our hedge.. I don’t think it will suffer! When crafting with nature, I do think it is important not to raze nature down to the ground!

Seasons Crafts

1) I planned this craft for the beginning of (our) Summer holidays, as I wanted to make time and space for Red Ted to join in. School hours are so long here that we have so much less time together. But guess what, he didn’t want to join in! He did join in with the stick and leaf collecting… and he cocked and interested ear when I talked to them about why the leaves were green (I talked about chlorophyll and photosynthesis), but didn’t take part in the craft. Still, half of the aim of the session achieved! We talked about the seasons and about nature and learnt a little bit of science!

Pip Squeak used our previous art as “guidance” for how to make her tree. She also looked out of the window and said “look mummy, it isn’t JUST lots of leaves, you need to be able to see some sticks too, I can see sticks”. Aaah. Good girl.

And here are our four seasons crafts to date: Winter, Spring and Summer… only one more to go!

Four Seasons - Winter Spring Summer

Here are our previous projects.

The four seasons in our first year, were made with Bubble Wrap and Finger prints.

four seasons

Bubble wrap four seasons

The four seasons in our second year, focused on colours. We made easy “stained glass windows”.

seasons finished

Stained Glass four seasons

This week’s featured blog is Like Mama Like Daughter – thank you for linking up the “link party” last week with your Plant Exploration! A perfect fit with our Summer Trees and connecting with nature more!

exploring plants with kids

The Four SeasonsJoin the Kids Get Crafty linky party! 

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How will you looked at The Four Seasons with your kids?

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  1. I love this! My two year old has just started asking to ‘do making’ and I knew yours would be the site to look at :)

  2. Love the idea of making trees out of actual bits of trees, great attention to detail too!

  3. alka raval says:

    This is very simple and beautiful.. this will be very useful for my 4yr old kid. Understanding nature. Thanks for sharing.

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