Kids Crafts: Autumn Colours – Stained Glass Windows


Welcome to this week’s Kids Crafts… this week I am sharing our very last of our 4 Seasons Crafts: Our Autumn Stained Glass. You may have already seen our Winter, Spring and Summer pictures and FINALLY it is time for our Autumn Craft!!! Yay.

Tissue paper crafts

I do love Autumn. I love the colours, and I love the walks and I love the leaves and the acorns and the chestnuts. So much to do. And the kids and I do love to Get Crafty with all of them! There are Leaf Crowns to make and Chestnut Pencil Toppers. But what we love best is to celebrate the beautiful colours that Autumn brings! Last year we did the seasons in Bubble Wrap and Finger Prints, this year, we are did a tissue paper collage.

It is a lovely craft for young children, as it takes advantage of that amazing thing: Contact Paper.

Here is Red Ted’s Autumn picture. He said that the acorns where falling from the tree and that the squirrel was off to collect them. We also have a brown sun with rays in the top right hand corner.

Materials: Black card, contact paper, Fall coloured tissue paper, scissors

1) I prepped the collage background – a pieces of A5 contact paper, face down (sticky side up), with a black boarder – the quickest way to do the board, is to cut 4 2cm strips of card and make up the frame by placing them at right angles to each other. It is a little fiddly, as the contact paper will want to roll up.

2) Then we talked about Autumn – we discussed about how the weather was changing – how the leaves were starting to fall from the trees, how the colours were changing from greens to yellows, browns and red. How we had seen lots of squirrels around, gathering acorns… and of course, collecting some acorns ourselves. We talked about how some animals, like the hedgehog hibernate.


3) We picked out tissue paper in the colours that represented fall to us: yellows, reds, oranges, a light brown and a dark green.

4) I asked the children what “elements” they wanted in their picture: squirrels, acorns and hedgehogs and cut these out of the black card for them.

5) Then I left them to it. My son tore the tissue paper in pieces, whilst his little sister used our crafting nail scissors to cut cut cut (she loves cutting at the moment). They then stuck down their animals and the tissue paper on top.

This one is Pip Squeak’s… she told me that the hedgehog was hiding under some leaves.

Done. Hang (with bluetack or masking tape). Admire!

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If you have been crafty with your kid’s be it at home, in the kitchen or outdoors, please link up!

What are your favourite craft to explore the four seasons? Do you like tissue paper crafts?