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Bedroom in a Box

| March 20, 2014 | 37 Comments

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Oooh I love the title of this wonderful new Dulux product: Bedroom in a Box! Basically everything you need to update your child’s bedroom “in a box”. There are currently two themes to choose from Jungle Adventure Bedroom in a Box and Fairy Princess Bedroom in a Box.


I am impressed that it is indeed “a bedroom in a box” – it is a little heavy, but something you could carry home on the bus easily!

We have been sent the Jungle Adventure to take a look at. Something that I think both my son and daughter would enjoy!

So… what do we think?

sml (1)

Well, £70 + postage (£9.95), approx £80 gets you:

  • Walltastic Jungle Adventure mural L10 x H8 feet (approx. L300 x H240 cm)
  • Wallpaper split into 12 manageable ready-to-apply rolls
  • Dulux Matt Emulsion, Willow Tree, 2.5 litres
  • Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood, Jasmine White, 750ml
  • Polycell Maximum Strength Wallpaper Adhesive

So basically – the wall paper mural + the adhesive to put it up and paint for the rest of the bedroom and skirting boards. You can use the handy Dulux paint calculator to check your child’s bedroom size vs the paint supplied if need be. But 2.5 litres gets you 32 square meters painted.

The final effect is this:

Dulux Walltastic Jungle Mural HR

Ever the thrifty so and so, I have to check, what buy it separately wold cost. Looking at Dulux’s website, are roughly looking at:

  • £21.29 for 2.5l matt emulsion
  • £11.49 satin wood
  • £3.99 adhesive
  • 2x£25.49 for 10.05m roll of wall paper, a john lewis kid’s wall paper is approx £30.

Total costs: £88-£90(ish) (excluding postage)

What I like:

The above shows, that the bedroom in a box, is indeed set at a good price, as wll as being convenient. So a tick in my box on price. It is cheaper than going out and getting it yourself and you have the convenience of not having to decide on all the “bits”. I always get muddled with “what type of paint” to buy and am very likely to forget the wall paper adhesive, resulting in another trip to the DIY store.

I also like that the wallpaper comes “pre cut” and ready to hang! Yay. My kind of easy(er) DIY.

I like the look of the colour – I think the green is a nice, fresh, but calm feel. The wall paper looks of great quality and the kids adore the jungle design. I just have to figure out which  part of the bedroom it would best fit.


Pip Squeak (4) loved the bold and friendly designs of the Jungle Animals “Look, Mummy!”

Which brings me to my main concerns:

What if the dimensions of the mural do not fit my child’s bedroom. Would it look odd if I chopped off a bit left and right. Or the opposite, what if my wall is bigger, would it look odd if I have a strip of green paint on either side. To answer my own question, it would probably look ok, as it is a mural after all.

The other concern, I guess is the matter of choice. I love the idea of a bedroom in a box, but there really are only two choices – Jungle Adventure Bedroom in a Box and Fairy Princess Bedroom in a Box. Both of which feature a prominent “feature” wall. My kids bedrooms are such, that there is a piece of furniture against every wall. And it would feel a shame to cover up a mural like this with a chest of drawers. BUT, I hear MORE designs are coming soon – Sea Adventure, Peppa Pig, Avengers and Wall Art.. fabulous. What would also be great is,  if there was a lovely patterned wallpaper for a child’s bedroom. That would still make the “Bedroom in a box” highly attractive to me!

I would LOVE to hear what you think of this product? Would you get it? If so, which design? The Jungle or the Princess? If not, why not? Dulux are keen to get your genuine feedback!

So, do check out the kids for yourself online:

If you want to find out more about Dulux, you can visit their website, facebook page or contact them on twitter!


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  1. Emma says:

    What a fun idea, i’m not sure I like the idea of a big mural though.

  2. Wow, as someone who also struggles to choose complementary colours and designs I think this is a great concept. I agree that extending the range to include some other themes is a good thing. Looking forward to seeing how it comes together for you, Maggy.

  3. Nadia says:

    I like the idea, especially for parents who are not creative at heart, it will make the decorating part of a child’s bedroom easier;)

  4. Mum of One says:

    I really like the green colour but am not too sure about the mural. I think it might keep the kids awake!

  5. Birute Efe says:

    It’s perfect for nowdays busy parents. All in one. Love it! And the picture on the wall looks so realistic, those elephants are about to step out :) I would love to see more design options though.

  6. That looks like so much fun! My girls would love something like that on their wall.

  7. This is cool! I checked the princess one to and it’s adorable!

  8. We’re about to move house and I’d definitely try something like this for the boys room but if I’m honest I think the style of the jungle mural is a little old fashioned. It reminds me a bit of those ‘wolf in front of mountain’ type images people used to have on jumpers in the 80’s. I’d be keen to see a bigger range of images though and at least with dulux you know it will all be good quality.

  9. Anna says:

    We have this too and have put the mural up on the wall already, it fitted in perfectly onto our wall luckily – but as it’s panels you could easily adjust this for whatever size you have available and it should be fine! It looks great!

  10. Ana says:

    Great concept for a product! I would love to see a modern design for the wallpaper!

  11. Trisha says:

    I really like the jungle mural feature wall, but you are right about it having to make sense in the space.

  12. Emma says:

    The first thing that struck me about this is what a great idea this would be for expat families that move alot – giving small children some constant thing about their bedroom whereever they are… Having said that, some more choices would be nice, my daughter has never liked princesses, and my son would have nightmares about some jungle animal I am sure! 😀

  13. I love this! Though I would want more choices too for the mural, I would also be concerned about how difficult it is to put up — but sounds like they thought over everything!

  14. I love the products, but I’d love to know if they’ll expand the amount of themes in the future! Great, informative post! Thank you!

  15. The jungle wall mural looks very cool. I’d love to have a pirate theme.

  16. Kirsty says:

    I do like the idea of having everything together, so all the coordinating colours in with the mural. I am terrible at putting together home interior colour schemes and this is the bit I need most help with so it is something I would definitely consider. Not sure we would go for the Jungle Adventure theme but some of the other themes coming soon sound great. My little one would love a race track!

  17. I love the idea of this but think it needs more detail online, like you I would be concerned that it might not fit the wall and I cant see the dimensions of the mural. They are great though and I know Elizabeth would love the fairy princess one and Alison would have the Avengers one when it came out.

  18. Penny says:

    What a great idea for parents who continually promise a room makeover but don’t deliver! Not me obviously 😉 Well…

  19. love it – looking forward to seeing it finished!

  20. Chelsey says:

    Ooh! How fun! This would make decorating a room so easy and fun!

  21. Tulip says:

    That is amazing! I love the jungle scene. It would work perfectly in my son’s bedroom.

  22. Suzanne says:

    I love this! I’ve painted murals on my daycare room walls before and it takes so much time to do and I’m never 100% pleased with my work. This is so colourful and engaging. I like how the animals have been given a friendly quality, too.

  23. What a fun idea!! My daughter would love the princess room.

  24. Rachel says:

    The mural is really cool, and looks like something I could actually do!

  25. Charlotte says:

    I think it’s a great idea… would love to see some more themes / colour schemes… my boys would love the sea themed one so can’t wait to see it! :)

  26. Wow, they have certainly made that easy to use, fab wallpaper. Mich x

  27. That mural looks fabulous! I love the idea of decor for a room in a box. Unfortunately, my kids have walls on two sides of their room, a window on the other, and a closet on the last. Maybe someday something like this will work. Or, maybe it’s time to get creative with the ceiling?

  28. Ruth says:

    This is a brilliant idea, and great to see that a company are thinking creatively about kids bedrooms. Neither of the themes would really appeal to my son, so I’m really glad to hear they’re thinking about so many different options, and I hope they keep adding to that range. I would be doubly delighted if they could keep the whole range appealing in a fairly unisex way, rather than doing what so many toy companies do and developing a ‘boys range’ and a girls range’. It might be nice if within each theme they could also have two options – the full wall mural for those that want it, and a slightly less full on version which just has some wall stickers fitting the theme. xx

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