Egg Decorating Ideas: Yoda Easter Egg


Yep.. first we had Batman and Robin.. then we had a Dalek Egg (for those Dr Who fans out there)… and THEN we had YODA! Yep, non other than Starwars favourite character: Yoda! These were all Red Ted’s creations last year.. and he loved every single one of them. We have had some causalities.. as he learns to play with them more carefully… Luckily for us, Yoda is “supposed to be small”, so when his “bottom” broke off, we didn’t have a disaster.. ha. We have many more Egg Decorating ideas for you to check out and browse!

Yoda Crafts

Red Ted made his Yoda Craft all himself. I helped him with the glueing:

  1. I blew out the eggs (check out the egg craft video for a clever “technique”)

yoda egg decorating idea

  1. Red Ted used his lego figure as a guide to what colours he needed.
  2. We cut out some craft foam for the ears and he painted the foam the same colour as Yoda.
  3. Glued on googly eyes and the ears. Done!

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Happy Easter Everyone!