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Tin Can Drums

| June 3, 2014 | 1 Comment

We in that kind of 5 minute crafts mood… quick and fun crafts you can do with the kids, that will result (hopefully) in hours of play. Here are some simple Tin Can Drums you can make with or for the kids! And this little tin can drum is a (modified) version from the lovely brand new 101 Kids Activities book from the ladies ove rat Kids Activities Blog. Like the site, it is packed full of great ideas to keep the kids busy (perfect for the upcoming holidays!). There are DIY Games, Art projects and science projects and just “pure crafts”… something for everyone at any age. But I digress (more to the book below), I want to share the Tin Can Drums after all!!!

NOTE: Please never leave young children unattended with this tin can music craft. Some people are concerned about the dangers of balloons, others about the sharpness of the inside of the tin and others again, about the thing we added to make the tins SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. So. Please take care!

DIY Drums and Shakes - Tin Can Crafts

Don’t they look FUN!?

Tin Can Crafts - Drums and shakers - 5 minute craft


Tin Can Drums Materials:

  • a can per drum
  • a balloon per drum
  • elastic band
  • something to make a shaker sound – e.g. rice, chickpeas, little stones
  • scissors & drum sticks of sorts (we used chop sticks)

Tin Can Drums Steps:

Tin Can Crafts - Drums and shakers1) Get all your materials ready. If you wish, you can sand down the inside of the can first. We used rice in one tin (lovely sound) and small pebbles in the other tin can – GREAT but NOISY sound……

Tin Can Crafts - DIY Drums

2) Cut the end off your balloon.

Tin Can Crafts

3) Stretch your balloon over the tin can and secure in place with an elastic band. Ta da!!!

Tin Can Crafts - 5 Minute Drums & Shaker actiivity!

4) You tin can drum is FINISHED!! Yay! We did find that vigorous tin can drumming broke one of the balloons. But that is ok.. whip it off and add another. Quickly done.

Now have a listen to our Tin Can Drums:

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As mentioned above, this tin can craft has a great sound and is LOTS of fun to play with – but please keep young children supervised!

This craft is from the wonderful 101 Kids Activities book

kids activities bookWith 101 Kids Activities, I challenge you NOT to find something that you want to have a go at. My son (6), grabbed hold of it, dissappeared and then arrived back 10minutes later with a list of things he wanted to have a go at. Already, we made the tin cans (as per the above), some bouncy balls (ooh the excitement of the science) and a tin can “jumper” toy (though we need some practice!).

As a crafty so and so, I spotted many childhood classic, that you SIMPLY have to have a go at and that the children will love doing, with a good mix of new and quirky ideas.  Mainy of the activities have great educational elements – whether they are obvious to the children or not – the activities will help them grow and develop.

I love how Holly and Rachel, draw on their own experience, be it from their childhood or as a parent (they have 9 children between them) – making this a real hands on parental guide to FUN.

Your one stop shop to activities at home.

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