TP Roll Binoculars with Poppy Cat

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If you are a Poppy Cat fan, you will know, that Poppy Cat and her friends LOVE to explore.. they love to go on adventures and discover things around them. They love the big and the small.. and there is nothing better than going on a bug or butterfly hunt. We thought, we would make some binoculars today, to help you on your adventures!

Binocular Craft made from TP Rolls

TP Roll Binoculars Craft

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TP Roll Binoculars Materials:

  • 2 TP Rolls or a Kitchen Towel Roll cut in half
  • paint (or plain coloured paper)
  • PVA glue
  • ribbon
  • decorative bits and pieces (stickers, pretty tape, poppy cat cut outs)
  • clothes pegs (to help it dry

Print out your Poppy Cat decorations or use what you have at home – pretty tape, ribbons, anything….

TP Roll Binoculars Steps:

TP Roll Crafts Binoculars

1) If it is a sunny day, why not craft in the garden? Firstly choose your colours and paint your TP Rolls. If you don’t want to paint, you can cover your TP Rolls in coloured paper – a bit like wrapping a present.

TP Roll Crafts Binoculars for kids

2) Once your paint is dry, glue on your ribbon (or staple it on) and then add the decorations per loo roll. We added a decorative Poppy Cat theme strip – around the top and bottom end of the loo roll. Be sure to glue your ribbon on first, then you can hide it under this strip. We used out clothese pegs to hold things in place whilst it dried.

Loo Roll Crafts Binoculars

3) Glue your two rolls together – make sure that the ribbons are at opposit ends, else your binoculars won’t hang nicely. Again, you may want to use clothese pegs to hold your rolls in place whilst it dries.

TP Roll Crafts for kids - binoculars

TP Roll Crafts for kids - make binoculars

4) Add any remaining decorations and let dry!

TP Roll Crafts to make with kids - binoculars

5) Go on a big hunt. What can you see? What can you find?

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