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How to Make an Origami Lucky Star

| July 23, 2014 | 6 Comments

Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star… and now it is time to make some of these adorable little Origami Lucky Stars. I am a bit rubbish at  Origami “in general”, as I am too impatient and not neat enough. But there are some great simple little Origami crafts that are great even for the likes of me! I love making Origami Paper Boats and little Paper cups.. and I LOVE how surprisingly easy these little paper Origami Lucky Stars are to make. They look tricky for about 5 seconds.. and then you will be making them over and over and over again!

Origami Lucky Stars


How to Make Origami Lucky Stars – Steps:Origami Lucky Stars - making a knot1) To make your Origami Lucky Stars, you will need a strip of paper. I cut 1cm strip off a A4 sheet of paper to make our Origami lucky Star!

2) You now need to “tie a knot” into your Origami Lucky Star. Create a loop as in the photo

3) Tuck i the piece of paper.

4) Gently pull tied to secure your Origami Lucky Star

Origami Lucky Stars How To


5) Now flip your Origami Lucky Star Over.

6)… and tuck in the little piece that is left over. If it is “too long”, tear a little off. You are now ready to start “wrapping your” Origami Lucky Star.

Origami Stars - Wrapping7) & 8 ) This step looks confusing.. at first. But really it is SOOOO easy. You basically start wrapping your paper round and round and round. The picture 7 shows that when you fold it over, there are two places you can fold you paper – one will be a neat clear fold (see the tick). The other won’t be.

9) So fold it across and then tuck it under. Neaten the edge.

10) Then take strip and fold over again.

You repeat this step until you have used up all your paper – I think we did about 4-5 wraps?

How to Make Origami Lucky Stars11) Wrap until you are left with one little bit

12) Tuck this piece in.

13) Place your Origami lucky star on the table.

14) Gently pinch the sides of your Origami Lucky Star in. This is in some ways is the hardest part…. but just pinch gently and keep going round and you are done!!

And your Origami Lucky Star is now finished!!!! Enjoy and make 100s of them!

 Or watch this Origami Lucky Star – VIDEO!

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  1. Never knew how to make these until now. Thanks Maggy!

  2. JustineSusan says:

    Hey! Thanks for this awesome tutorial, I used it as inspiration for one of my crafts so I’ve linked to this page on my blog here:

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