Suncatcher Printable Nutcracker Colouring Pages

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Disclosure: our “Nutcracker Sun Catchers with hidden shapes” post is brought to you in collaboration with Learning Resources!

Today we are sharing a fantastic set of free printable Nutcracker Colouring Pages – these can be used as beautiful window suncatcher decorations, or as adorable nutcracker bookmarks to make and give this Christmas. Not only are these fabulous Nutcrackers.. but they also have some learning opportunities – look shapes – triangle, circle and square and explore primary colours with your charges! They are part of our growing collection of adorable Printable Christmas Crafts that we have created with Learning Resources over the years.

Suncatcher Nutcrackers
Make beautiful Holiday Decor with this Nutcracker freebie

It is slowly becoming colder, colourful leaves are falling off trees and dance towards the ground. And we have a fabulous new Christmas craft for you: Nutcracker Suncatchers! It is as always a fun project not only because they are nutcrackers but it allows to explore once again shapes and colours whilst developing fine motor skills. Beautiful holiday decor with some hidden learning opportunities!

As mentioned, these free printables are brought to you in collaboration with Learning Resources, a website dedicated to educational but FUN ideas for kids.

Nutcracker Learning Opportunities

We love this Nutcracker Suncatcher Project because, not only do the gentlemen look majestic and make you get excited about Christmas, but it is great for a number of of learning opportunities, whether making these at home or in the classroom:

  • You get to spend time colouring and crafting with your kids.
  • You can introduce the basic shapes: circle, rectangle and triangle – a simple way to reinforce basic math skills with young children.
  • You can introduce the concept of primary and secondary colours while colouring.
  • They are fabulous for fine motor skills (e.g. colouring and cutting out the Nutcrackers to make them shine in the sun light).
  • They make wonderful Christmas decoration.
  • The included smaller versions make wonderful little presents (e.g. bookmarks, seasonal card making, Christmas ornaments) for friends and family.
  • They help to engage with others (e.g. share excitement about Christmas, communication starter/ice breaker).

Supplies needed for the Nutcracker Sun Catcher Project:

The free printables comprise two sizes – a larger size – perfect as window decorations and for younger children – kindergartners or preschoolers. And a smaller size, which can be converted into fantastic bookmarks.

  • Our free Nutcracker printables,
  • Paper,
  • Scissors,
  • Tape,
  • Colouring Pens, markers or paints,
  • String to create tassels for bookmarks or Christmas ornaments

Hop on over to our sponsors at Learning Resources and download your this set of free Christmas Printables that you can download as a pdf file:

nutcracker coloring sheets
Three Printable Nutcrackers with different shapes to choose from!

How to make your Nutcracker Sun Catcher

printable nutcracker freebie
Enjoy some mindfulness time, colouring in out printable Nutcracker

1.) Download the printable freebie! And then have fun colouring one of the three or all three nutcrackers! Can you spot the shapes triangle, rectangle and circle? Pens and watercolours work best if you want to use these as window suncatcher, as they let the light shine through the most.

But you can of course also use this freebie as a simple decoration in the classroom or on the classroom door, in which case you could use crayons and pencils too – this would work best for a toddler and very young children.

2.) When all is colored, begin to cute loosely around the nutcracker shape. This is a great opportunity to practice those scissor handling skills. So do let the children have a go at this themselves. Then place them with a little tape or double sided tape or a little blu-tak on your window.

Suncatcher nutcracker
Suncatcher Nutcrackers look fantastic!

Done! Hurray!

There is more… Nutcracker Bookmarks!

Did you see the smaller nutcracker printable?! We included this smaller set of nutcracker freebies for you, so that older children can also make a set of of different Nutcracker crafts this Christmas!

The size is perfect for a bookmark, Nutcracker Christmas Card or a even a little Christmas Ornament or Garland. One (more) printable with so many fabulous options!

small nutcracker printable
Small Printable Nutcrackers

If making a lovely Christmas card to send to your family or friends you can place the nutcracker right in the middle and add for example snowflakes.

christmas card making
Perfect for Nutcracker Greeting Cards this Christmas

Add a little twine and some beads or a tassle and hey presto, a Christmas Bookmark! These would be a lovely way to encourage reading of the holiday season and could compliment other literacy activities!

nutcracker bookmark
Or make an adorable Nutcracker Bookmark!

Done! Aren’t these nutcrackers fabulous?! One gorgeous set of printables. Lots of wonderful ways to enjoy them this holiday season.

We particularly love, how they catch the sun in the window! And it does make an ever so majestic as bookmark! We will make a few more for sure and decorate our Christmas Tree with them as well!

free printable nutcracker

Be sure to have a go at this lovely printable Christmas freebie this December!

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