Easy Origami Lucky Stars – Craft Ideas

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We love origami for kids. We have shared how to make origami star instructions with you before! Making these super cute little stars is easy and fun! And all you need is long strips of paper and you fingers! I thought it would be fun to take a look at Origami Lucky Stars craft ideas today. Once you have your paper stars? What do you do with them!

lucky stars

Origami Lucky Stars – Supplies & Instructions

A reminder that making origami lucky stars really is super easy and fun, all you need really are long origami star paper strips. We like to cut down A4 sheets of paper to 1cm strips, using a pair of scissors and ruler or a paper cutter. Any paper will do, whether usin letter paper, old magazines or origami paper (though I do find construction paper a little on the stuff side.. it is possible though).

Once you have these basic supplies follow our Origami Star tutorial to learn how to make the simple folds that wrap around the sides of the pentagon. (Our video tutorial is on auto play too!)

You will see origami paper stars are easy to make and super addictive.

Once you have made a whole set of these little paper stars.. have a browse and look at some of the extended craft ideas that use these stars!

Origami Stars Craft Ideas

Most people like to make these as simple little decorations! But they can be more than “just” star decorations in a jar!

quilled trees with lucky origami star
3d paper stars are perfect for these Christmas Tree greeting cards!

These 3d whimsical mini paper stars make perfect Christmas Tree toppers for our paper quilled Christmas Tree cards, don’t you think?

lucky star tree
This three-dimensional star looks great on our 3d Paper Christmas Tree too!

Alternatively, why not make some our Origami Christmas Trees (we have a great video tutorial for these) and then pop your little three-dimensional star on top?

wear your lucky stars

How cute are these Origami Star Bracelets? A fun way to “wear” your paper stars.. you can varnish them beforehand if you want to strength the paper a little! This paper star DIY is featured in my Easy Paper Projects book!

lucky star earrings

Similarly, you can make some Lucky Star Earrings! So cute. Visit Brit Guides for how to.

origami star cupcakes

Isoscella pops these whimiscal little stars on toothpicks and uses them as adorable cupcake toppers!

lucky star garland

Welcome to Nana’s went “big” and taped some larger 3d Origami Lucky Stars to some yarn and to make a cute lucky star party garland!

orgami star garland

Planet June makes a mini garland using needle and thread.

origami star ornament

Alephunky on Deviant Art makes thise adorable glass filled Christmas Ornament!

origami star cat

Love how Origami Spirit takes the origami star classic and turns them into these most adorable little lucky cats! SO CUTE!

wish upon a star

Well they do say “wish upon a star” and the most “traditional” way of “using” origami lucky stars, is to make a Lucky Star Jar of wishes, as Paint it Colourful has done here.

origami star art

Etsy has lots of cute Origami Star “art” you can buy. Love the box frames with sweet and joyful messages.

To make your origami stars last longer

As origami stars are made from paper (or sometimes ribbon), some people use varnishes or a laquer or even just some PVA glue to “seal” the paper stars and make them more permanent!

More Lucky Star Craft Ideas

A quick braining storming of more ideas.. you could:

  • make your own beaded wine glass charms and add a lucky star
  • make a lucky star alice band
  • make lucky star hair slides
  • make lucky star pin badges (combine with paper quilling? and safety pins)
  • make origami star necklaces and pendants
  • fille a matchbox with lucky stars and cute kawaii faces and send them to a friend

Hope you enjoyed this fun little collection of craft ideas! If you are looking for some more fantastic paper stars, try these:

3d Paper Stars kirigami

How to cut kirigami 3d Paper Stars

Another fabulous paper origami star pattern using square pieces of origami paper.

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