25 Fantastic Discovery Bottle Ideas


Today’s post is ALL ABOUT SENSORY BOTTLES! I have to confess, I didn’t really “know” about sensory or discover bottles, when my kids were little… I wish I did. They are so so soooo simple to make and yet provide hours of entertainment and fun.  Luckily, I can still play “catch up”, as I think a number of these discover bottles will still be of interest to my 5 and 7yrs old. Especially, the more educational bottles – e.g. I can’t wait to have a go at the colour mixing bottles, magnetic bottles and some of the phonics I-spy ideas. Anyway, I am digressing. As these sensory and discover bottles are easy to make, it is worth experimenting with your child what they may or may not enjoy!!!
25 Brilliant Discover & Sensory Bottles - Discover, Explore, Learn, Relax - from simple to intricate

I use the term Sensory Bottle and Discovery Bottle in an interchangable manner. Strictly speaking they are of course slightly different.. one is more about looking and finding, the other is about stimulating different senses (sight, sound) and possibly aiming to relax a child. I hope you don’t mind, but I will leave it to you to decide on what outcome you wish for your child – stimulation or relaxation or a mixture of both… just be inspired by the ideas below! Different children and different age groups will enjoy these bottles for different reasons!

Seasonal Discover Bottles:

Seasonal Sensory Bottles for Babies and kids

Seasonal Discover Bottles are a great way to explore, well, the seasons.. Here are some great examples and ideas for a Spring Discovery Bottle, a Summer Discovery Bottle, an Autumn Discovery Bottle and a Brrrrr Winter Discovery Bottle… what do you think? Aren’t they cute?!

seasonal sensory bottles

Four Seasons Discover Bottles


Spring Sensory Bottle


Beach Discover Bottle – a great way to bring home Summer memories

Autumn Discovery Bottle

Autumn Discover Bottle – love the colours and use of leaves!

halloween discover bottle

A simple Halloween Sensory Bottle

snowman-hush-bottles-calm-down1-613x1024Snowman Hush Bottle – great for calming down little people.


This fun JINGLE BELLS Sensory Bottle is great for Christmas too.


I Spy Christmas Bottle

weather sensory bottles for all seasons

Along side the seasons, these WEATHER Discover Bottles would work really well too!


So would this rainbow sensory bottle – which is also a noise maker!

PicMonkey Collage111More Rainbow Discover Bottle Fun!

Or how about a Red White and Blue sensory bottle for 4th July?

Educational Discover Bottles

Educational Discover Bottles - From Phonics, to Colour Theory and Eco Systems

Of course all sensory and discover bottles are educational on some level.. they all bring developmental benefits. But some can be aligned with specific learning goals – maybe you are currently discussing colour theory? Then the colour mixing bottles below are just your thing.. or you may be learning how to read, using the phonics system? Discover how you can combing sensory bottles with every day learning goals by browsing the wonderful ideas below. Then see how you can adapt some of your goals and make your very own sensory bottles!


Alphabet Discover Bottle – discover letters and colours.

Phonics-I-Spy-game-666x1000Fun with Phonics – what a fun and clever way to explore phonics!

baby discover bottles

A great set of discover bottles based on what you can find around the house!

colour mixing discover bottleAs a great fan of colour theory, I simply ADORE these Colour Theory Sensory Bottle… very cool!

Eco System Discovery Bottle (do not shake)

Adore this ECO Bottle (this is not one for shaking, but OBSERVING!)


This Magnetic Sensory Bottle is so so colourful and fun!

You will need some Mag Chips (affiliate link) (get them in the UK HERE)

marble sensory bottle

Make Marbles Float!

MORE Discover Bottle Ideas

DIY Discover bottleLove the shape of these bottles, but also the different textures of the items with in. Get your kids involved in making their own discover bottles.

mindfulness jar

Mindfulness Jars – these are simple and lovely and great for some downtime!

Mindfulness Calm Down Jar – or try this colourful rainbow version!

jelly fish discover bottle

Jelly Fish in a Bottle – this would also fit nicely with the Summer Sensory Theme!


Similarly we love this Ocean in a Bottle

different sensory bottle ideas

Experiment with discovery bottle “ingredients” – oil, water, soap… and check out all the different effects!


LOVE this Bedtime Sensory Bottle

(Find Mini Glow in the Dark Stars here – US / UK – affiliate links)

Loom Band Sensory BottleWhat to do with those “Pesky” Loom Bands 😉

So.. what do you think? Which will you give a go first? Or have you made some already? What are your favourite combinations?