No Borax Easy Slime Recipes

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Have some sensory fun with these wonderful and easy slime recipes. This collection of slime recipes are non toxic, often taste safe and contain no borax and no glue! Making it perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to get stuck in and explore!

No Borax Easy Slime Recipes for Preschoolers & Kids

We have long been fascinated with easy slime recipes here on Red Ted Art, but confess to have never really gotten “into it”… mainly because many of the “main” and popular slime recipes use borax/ boric acid or laundry detergent – and a) borax is banned here in the UK and b) laundry detergents vary and c) recently… there have been stories about burns from slime recipes and children getting sick from playing with borax slime (read all about why you shouldn’t make slime here). In the UK people often use contact lens solution instead – which is expensive and not really suitable for children to play with.. and don’t get me started on the white glue…. so.

The problem is – the majority of us are not chemists, we as parents, don’t *really know* if a slime recipe is safe or not? So I have kind of steered clear of slime (apart from oobleck of course – because it is so easy and fun and clever and genius) for some time.

In light of recent explosion of interest in easy slime recipes, and also a couple of worrying articles suggesting children are getting hurt from making slime, I thought it would be good to bring together some no borax slime recipes and no laundry detergent slime recipes and no contact solution slime recipes – i.e. let’s stay away from the chemical slime recipes and use safe slime recipe ingredients! So here we go. Easy Slime Recipes that are safe for kids and slime sensory play.

NOTE 1: you will see that many of these recipes have a common ingredient – either cornstarch or gelatin/ jello or psyllium husks. But there are many variations, and OTHER ingredients too.. so I do encourage you to explore and “lose” yourself in these clever ideas.

Slime is wonderful for sensory play, for preschoolers and to be honest “big kids” too. Don’t underestimate the power and fun of slime!

NOTE 2: wherever we mention EDIBLE slime, we do not actually encourage the EATING OF said slime (unless the article in question says it is FOR eating), we are saying – if you child accidentally eats a LITTLE you needed worry. Please always supervise slime activities with kids! First shared in March 2017 and updated and republished for your convenience.

Simple Slime Recipes with No Glue or Borax

Grab your bowl, food coloring and basic ingredietns and lets get slime making!

No Borax Easy Slime Recipes - LOVE Slime? Have NO glue? NO Borax? NO Chemicals...??!! Check out these AMAZING play safe (and often "taste" safe) Slime Recipes for Kids. Explore, discover and have LOTS of sensory fun!!! The best sensory slime play activities for preschoolers and beyond.
Super simple slime recipes

This simple slime recipe section is for the EASIEST of all slime recipes. Often only need a couple of ingredients. These are the ones you can get stuck into quickly and easily. Nothing quite like the classic goop recipe  but do check all these other ideas too!

  • Oobleck shouldn’t be real. It’s can be smashed into chunks with a hammer but slime down your arm. This recipe is easy and fun!
  • This fun mixture is only two necessary ingredients and it turns into a fragrant, silky smooth play dough. Unlike other play dough, though, this recipe makes a stretchy play dough. Take your ingredients, pop in a bowl, give a good stir and see what you have!
  • Another simple slime recipe: Shampoo Slime. With only two ingredients that if you don’t already have you can get at the dollar store!
  • This Sand Foam recipe turns your average sand into a squishy, goop bin of fun.
  • Some slime is gooey and sticky. This borax-free slime is more rubbery, maybe that is why it is called flubber!
  • For children with sensitive skin, it can be difficult to feel comfortable doing too many slime recipes. This Edible Slime recipe claims to be allergy-free, it may be perfect for your little one!
  • Silly putty is something I remember playing with when I was a child. This DIY Silly Putty version is made with ingredients you probably have at home!

Sparkles, Shine, & More Added Fun

Let’s explore the next set of slime ingredients to make sparkly slime, shine slime and glow in the dark slime!

No Borax Easy Slime Recipes - LOVE Slime? Have NO glue? NO Borax? NO Chemicals...??!! Check out these AMAZING play safe (and often "taste" safe) Slime Recipes for Kids. Explore, discover and have LOTS of sensory fun!!! The best sensory slime play activities for preschoolers and beyond.
Sparkle slimes

Use what is perceived as classic slime and make it that little bit more magical and special. Whether you are adding sparkles or freezing your goop recipe, or turning it into something seasonal, check out these extension ideas.

  • This sparkly goop is perfect for a snowy day, or if you just need some added peppermint scented sparkles.
  • This slime brings the outside in! After a nature walk, use your collections to jazz up this simple slime.
  • Floam is full of texture and squish. This version of floam is full of fun color and a great way to use that box full of broken crayons too!
  • Oobleck is a slime that leaves the mind to wonder over and over. This beautiful marbled oobleck is that much more wondrous. Here is another fabulous Marbled Gloop activity.
  • Glitter is so pretty but not if it isn’t safe for our little toddlers. This glitter slime is toddler safe and I’m sure they will love that as much as you do.
  • Bring out the colors of the rainbow with this fun Kool-aid slime. Inexpensive to make this gooey slime is perfect to help with color recognition!
  • We’ve seen a few oobleck recipes that are fun for slime lovers but this sensory fun starts out frozen. How cool is that?
  • Whether it’s Halloween or not, this Vampire Slime has a fun texture but isn’t the sticky messy kind! A mom’s favorite right?
  • Sometimes science is not about the result but in the creation. This Edible Silly Putty has a magical essence to it’s creation!
  • Turn your slime experiment into a fine motor activity with this googly eye slime!

Taste Safe Slime Recipes

  • Not only is this slime taste safe but also glows. How cool is that? Plus the ingredients themselves are fun & interesting too!
  • This slimy fun has to provide hours of fun and entertainment for little ones. It’s taste safe and glows in the dark!
  • This edible ooze looks like it came straight out of a comic book! The texture and sliminess is perfect for your little super hero!
  • It’s extra fun to add ABCs into other elements. This ABC slime can help your kids with letter recognition as well as have slimy fun!
  • This edible green ectoplasm may not be the vicious green substance from Ghost busters but it sure looks paranormal!
  • If your kids love to get down & messy this edible sludge is probably just the thing for them. It looks squishy, fluffy and sticky!
  • This edible sensory recipe is a slimy squishy ball. Roll it, knead it, maybe even bounce it?
  • This science project is super cool and super gross all rolled into one. If you have a science lover or a ewwy gooey gross lover this fake snot slime is for you.
  • Chia and flax aren’t just healthy seeds! They make up these foamy, fluffy, stretchy slime recipes that are taste safe too!
  • This edible slime recipe may even taste better than some. Maybe not but it is completely made of actual food so no harm will be done if your little one decides to take a giant bite.
  • This slimy edible concoction is made with gelatin. You might not have it at home, but it isn’t expensive to pick up either!
  • This gooey, edible creation is like nothing else I have seen. Kids can create & play then eat it because not only is it taste safe but it tastes like candy!
  • This colorful cranberry slime is also a tasty one. When you have left over cranberries from your Thanksgiving dinner or fruit salad, don’t throw them away!

When I first out bringing together these non toxic slime recipes, I really thought we would ONLY be playing with variations of oobleck. A search has brought up SO MANY great and fantastic recipes, that I am really excited about slime play again. There are so many more ideas than I expected. I do hop you like these no borax slime recipes and are inspired to have safe slime play time fun!

In Summary, our favourites: Links to image slimes from left to right, top to bottom: the simplest, not in image – Oobleck, then Rainbow Slime, Edible Silly Putty (purple in image) Stretchy White Playdough Slime, Super Stretch Blue SlimeKool Aid Rainbow SlimeCrayon SlimeRed & Orange Squishy Edible SlimeBlue Shiny Slime,  Fluorescent slime.

Happy Borax Free Slime Making!!!!