30 Days of Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is one of my FAVOURITE times of year for crafting! I don’t know what it is about Christmas Crafts but they are simply the best – maybe I associate it with key child hood memories of sitting down together and getting crafty. Maybe it is because my children’s Christmas makes are simply the most precious and darling of all makes and it is wonderful to get them out year on year… or maybe it is, because making Christmas Ornaments in particularly is such a lovely and “practical”(ish) activity – you get to craft, you get to give and you get to decorate all at once!


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You can get ready by checking out the COMPLETE SUPPLIES LIST needed for all these Ornament DIYs.


Not only will this list set you up for completing the challenge, it will also make sure you have a fantastic “basic” craft box for all year crafting! Perfect for setting someone up who hasn’t got many craft materials yet. Turn them into a fabulous DIY Craft Box Gift!