3d Paper Bee Card – Pop Up Cards for Kids

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Finally, the complimentary 3d Paper Bee Card is here! We recently shared some cute 3d Pop Up Ladybird Cards.. and now have the Bee Pop Up card too. They make a great summer craft for kids and are part of our easy Pop Up Card DIY making collection. I hope you feel inspired to have a go today!

3d Paper Bee Card

How to make a pop up bee card! Materials:

  • Yellow and black paper
  • Paper scraps for flowers
  • pen
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Card stock
3d Paper Bee Card

How to make a 3d Paper Bee Card Pop Up

As always, we have step by step instructions for you below or if you perfer, do check out the video tutorial! Or use both 🙂

Step by Step Pop Up Card How To:

Time needed: 20 minutes

  1. Cut out your bee paper shapes

    Use something circular – e.g. a tin can – to trace one circle. Layer your paper 5 times and cut out 3 yellow circles and 2 black circles in one go. Cut as neatly as possible. If need be, cut them all out separately.
    Paper Bee Card - circles

  2. Make your paper bee

    Fold each paper circle in half.
    Add glue to one half of one circle and place a second black circle on top.
    Now add glue to the half of the second circle that is exposed and place a third yellow on top until you have glued all 5 circles together to make a “stack”. Make sure you alternate the yellow and black circles!
    When you open it up you have a “paper striped bauble”.
    Cut some bee shapes – eyes, a semi circle for the head and wings.
    making a 3d paper bee

  3. Assembling your pop up bee card

    Once happy with your bee’s features, glue them all together (image 1 below).
    Fold your bee in half. Add glue to the side with the head and glue onto your card stock. Aligning with the centre of the card.
    Keep the bee folded and now add glue to the other side.
    Shut the card and the bee will glue snuggly in place.

    assembling your bee card

  4. Add final details – flowers and funny bee puns

    You can now add paper flowers (I drew some simple flowers onto coloured paper scraps) and write some bee buns (see below).
    bee pun cards

Funn Bee Puns for your Card

Don’t forget to have fun with puns. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Hap-BEE Birthday
  • You are the Bee Knees (greats for both Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day)
  • Bee Mine – lovely Valentine’s Day message
  • Don’t Worry. Bee Happy! – a generic message to send all year round

What other bee puns can you come up with? I am sure you can think of some!

3d Paper Bee Card

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Happy Paper Bee Crafting!