Good Deed Ramadan Calendar Craft

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Today we have the lovely Craftyykids sharing a fantastic Good Deed Ramadan Calendar Craft for kids as part of our special Ramadan Kids’ Activity Series. This is a fantastic way to involve kids during Ramadan and emphasise the need for charity and kindness to them.

Ramadan Calendar Craft for Kids with Good Deeds

Craftyykids is a wonderful instagram -who shares a host of wonderful kids’ activities, but also as a great set of ideas specifically around Islam and Ramadan. Do have a good browse around her instagram feed, but I particularly love to days Ramadan Calendar, this Ramadan Wall Hanging and these Yarn Wrapped Cards. Craftyykids takes care, not only to share an activity, but also provide you with the meaning behind the activity and why she does these with kids.

Supplies needed to make your Ramadan Good Deeds Calendar:

bring it all together
  • large piece of cardboard (from the back of a box is great)
  • pencils & sissors (for sketching a mosque and scissors)
  • Fabric/ felt/ patterned paper scraps to make up the mosque “blocks” and windows
  • Good deed a day coin with relevant ahadith downloaded from Ayeina
  • A jar to keep your good deed coins
  • Yarn / other decorative embellishments
  • Glue

Over to Craftyykids now to explain this wonderful craft activity.

DIY Ramadan Calendar with Good Deed Coins

Ramadan calendar

This is a very simple process – and which will make YOUR Ramadan Calendar unique!

We use our all leftover felt sheet piece of different colors

  1. Cut your fabric/ felt scraps into into different mosque inspired shapes:
  • masjid dome,
  • door shapes,
  • rectangles of different sizes (as if you are creating building blocks),
  • windows, and
  • few we cut into pockets shapes.

2. Then pasted them over adhesive Chalkboard sheets and pasted that sheet over masjid shape cardboard cut out.

Good Deed Jar

Next, grab a jar and decorate it with the children (a piece of our finger knitting came in handy).

Print off the Good Deed coins from Ayeina here and cut them all out. Older children can practice their cutting skills.

Cardboard Binoculars

cardboard binoculars

We also made some cardboard binoculars, by rolling up some card and decorating it. You can of course also use two cardboard tubes!

Using your homemade Ramadan calendar

pickout the relevant good deed
Pick out the relevant good deed each day

We are eagerly waiting for the holy month to begin and our hand crafted Ramadan calendar is all set to help us get closer to Jannah.

using the ramadan calendar
Insert your good deeds into your mosque calendar pockets

Each day we will be adding a Good deed a day coin with relevant ahadith downloaded from Ayeina to our calendar pockets.

My twins are super excited to follow these coins till Eid and our cardboard binoculars are ready to spot the Ramadan moon! May this Ramadan bring us all peace, blessings, and endless rewards.

A big thank you to Craftyykids for this fantastic guest post. As mentioned, do pop over to her instagram account for a follow and browse!

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