Acorn Crafts: Bracelets

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A super duper quick craft post for you sharing another acorn craft with you…. a very simple acorn bracelet. It is really quick and easy to make and looks lovely. But before we get onto the acorn bracelet, please DO take a look at this adorable Acorn Craft – my kids still play with it years later!! Another FIRM favourite of ours for acorns – are these cutest little acorn animals – real childhood memory making!

Acorn Crafts Bracelet

My model wasn’t too impressed at having to keep her hand still for the photo, so apologies for the slight blurriness!

Acorn bracelets are really easy to make. You will need a large needle with an eye big enough for a thing ribbon to fit through. Then using fresh (green) acorns (as they are softer), thread your needle through the acorn. I found it easiest to go in at the “flat white” bit and work my way up. But try out both ways and see how it goes. Then tie a little not to keep the “acorn bead” in place and move on to the next acorn for threading. Repeat until you have enough. We used 5 here for Pip Squeak’s little hand. I think I only needed on extra for my hand!

The fun thing about these bracelets, is that they turn from green to brown over time… both look fabulous and it is an interesting discussion about nature that you can have with the children. And all done!

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