20+ Beautiful Leaf Crafts

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Oh how I do love AUTUMN!! Though of course the spring and summer months are wonderful for just “walking out the house and being indoors” and the autumn, does indeed start to get gloomier and darker, how can you not love all the beautiful beautiful colours that surround us. Nature has a wonderful way of easing us into the gloomy Winter months. And we love to delight at the fantastic autumn leaves and autumn colours out there. We also enjoy collecting other autumn finds such as pine cones, conkers and acorns and getting crafty with all of them. We do particularly love a great set of Leaf Crafts!

20 Wonderful Leaf Crafts for Autumn - so many beautiful ideas here. Perfect for celebrating autumn or incorporating into your Thanksgiving decor and activities

Today it is all about autumn leaves and autumn leaf crafts! But if you need more Kids Crafts for Autumn we have a GREAT list for you to check out!

Many of the leaf crafts today, would also be brilliant for Thanksgiving Crafts – if you are after more thanksgiving ideas, we also have these 20+ Turkey Crafts for Kids 🙂 or take a look at our “how to preserve leaves” methodology post too!

20 Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Kids. These are all simply delightful! Plus a bonus resource of books and craft kits 6 Methods to Preserve Leaves - but which is the best Which is the easiest and which is the cheapest

Now the thing to remember about leaves, is that they are not permanent – yes, you can preserve them by pressing them, waxing them, giving them glycerin baths, but the wonderful bright bright yellows and reds will always “just” be temporary. And even with preservation will fade or change to dark yellows/ oranges/ browns and deep deep reds. But that is ok, you just have to know to enjoy them in different ways and also for a shorter amount of time!

I have picked out a selection of our favourite leaf crafts – you may be familiar with some of them already (as I have shared them many times before..), but I wanted to share them again – JUST IN CASE you haven’t seen them or need reminding about their existence!

Leaf Crafts for You:

Easy Leaf Crown made only from leaves - this is a fun activity to do whilst out and about and needs nothing but leaves! Who will be king for the day

Leaf Crowns

Use nature finds to trace and make these beautiful black glue and watercolour leaf bookmarks

Simple Leaf Lanterns

Beautiful Leaf Lanterns

leaf gnome craft

These leaf beard gnomes are also a fantastic fun way to craft with leaves. The sample was made using fabric leaves, but I think it would be even cute if you had a go with real leaves! Check out this autumn popsicle stick gnome today!


Autumn Leaf Bowls – use a kiln (like these in the photo), use air drying clay or use salt dough for a really thirfty craft!

GORGEOUS Leaf and Pine Cone Turkeys. Don’t those leaves look like they are on fire? So vibrant and gorgeous!

5 minute Place Cards for Thanksgiving. Cutest Leaf Cork Turkeys ever!

Similarly we have a wonderful Place Name Card Leaf Cork Turkey for Thanksgiving. Adorable and so easy to make.


Wonderful Leaf Critters. Turn your leaves into an arty canvas! You could play the find the tree game first and then come back for an arty session!

How about this gorgeous Fall Leaf Butterfly Craft? So simple and yet so perfect! You can first play find the tree game and then come home for this lovely craft.

Leaf-Painting-headerLove how the shape of this leaf inspired this gorgeous – Leaf Painting – Santa Ornament activity. I love it when the shape dictates what you end up making (and a nice eucalyptus craft for our Aussie readers!).


Similarly you can make these Leaf Embossed Ornaments – a great way to preserve those patterns and shapes!
autumn leaf doodle art

Super popular at the moment, is Leaf Doodle Art – all you need is leaves and a pen.. and off you go.

Explorig Andy Goldsworthy with kids

I have shared it before and I will share it again. Andy Goldsworthy Projects are perfect for this time of year!

leaf roses

We have made Duct Tape Roses before – how about these stunning Leaf Roses?! Remember they will brown with time, so choose your colours carefully!


Autumn Leaf Stained Glass  – we did something similar at school one year (it was actually a prank.. but one that was well received 🙂 ) We stuck a whole load of yellow leaves to the art room’s window using a flour and water “paste”. They stayed on for a good 2-3 weeks and then gradually blew away. The window was easily cleaned with soapy water (phew).


Remember leaves make great feathers! These Owls are beautiful. Remember to press your leaves first to avoid curling!

leaf wreath for autumn and thanksgiving

A stunning wreath that would be BEAUTIFUL at the centre of a Thanksgiving Display or simply for autumn (clears your drive of leaves too!!)


Another beautiful Leaf Wreath Version!


Beautiful Leaf Wreath (shared on Instagram via our #KidsCrafts101 weekly challenge!)

leaf crafts and ideas for fall - love this paper punch ideas, how sweet and fun!

Fun with a hole punch. How adorable are these punched leaves – use your holes and your punches in art projects!

I found a great set of punches for you here… be sure to browse for different sizes!

shapred hole punches

US readers

UK readers (similar set)

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leaf-print-totes - these look simply lovely and would make for great gifts

Leaf Print Totes – these would make lovely Christmas Gifts too!

leaf craft ideas - here is a super sweet leaf mask ideaDIY Leaf Mask

leaf crafts and activities

Leaf Maze – a super cute and fun idea!!

I hope you enjoyed these leaf crafts! Would love to see what crafty goodness you come up with. Share your photos on my Facebook Wall, or on Instagram using the #KidsCrafts101 hashtag.


Here are the winners of the leaf crafts #KidsCrafts101 week

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Have fun with our leaf craft inspiration and DIYs! Happy making!