Amigurumi Penguin Crochet Pattern

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As we continue on our crochet patterns journey, my daughter has designed and written up this little Amigurumi Penguin Crochet pattern for you! It is meant to be a super simple penguin crochet for beginners! Complete with with detailed video tutorial.

Check out our free pattern – great for beginners!

penguin crochet pattern

So if you are looking for a free Penguin Crochet Pattern, that you can also turn into a Penguin Christams ornament, then this cute little pattern is for you. And the best bit? It is free! So come and join us with this cute winter craft and have a go at making this adorable Amigurumi penguin ornament today!

The great thing about this easy Penguin Crochet Pattern, is that it can be easily “scaled up” or scaled down depending on what wool/ yarn you use and what size hooks. We made two as part of the pattern writing, as you can see the final size is different.

Also, we had some friends who were learning to crochet give the pattern ago and again, their penguins turned out larger than ours – in fact, the perfect size for making them into crochet penguin ornaments for the Christmas Tree!

Beginner crochet tends to use larger hooks and the loops tend to be a little looser! So this a prefect pattern to turn into a crochet Christmas ornament!

free penguin crochet beginners

Supplies needed for this Penguin Ornament

  • crochet cotton yarn in desired colors (we used white yarn for tummy and blue and purple for body, plus off cuts in yellow and black for beak and eyes)
  • hook size 2.5
  • yarn needle to sew in long tails
  • scissors

But you can use other crochet hook sizes to make different sized penguins! Especially if you would like to use this as a crochet ornament.

Crochet Abbrevations

  • sc – single crochet
  • mc – magic circle
  • inc – increase
  • blo – back loop only
  • rnd – round
  • dc – double crochet

Crochet Penguin Video Tutorial

My daughter created this simple crochet penguin video tutorial for you. It is long – but allows you to crochet with us step by step. When she was beginning to learn to crochet, she found the pace of this type of video the most helpful. I hope you find it helpful too. There is also a version of this video on YouTube (embedded on the bottom of this post!).

Free crochet penguin pattern

Crochet Penguin Body

magic circle chain

Round 1: 6sc into mc [6]

magic circle penguin base
crochet rounds for base

Round 2: 6inc [12]

Round 3: (1sc, inc) x6 [18]

Round 4: Sc BLO all the way around [18]

amigurumi penguin body

Round 5-9: (5 rounds) 1sc in every stitch [18]

Round 10: (1sc, decrease) x6 [12]

crochet penguin body

Stuff your body! If you are using safety eyes, insert these before stuffing.

crochet penguin pattern

Round 11: 6 decrease [6]

Penguin Crochet Tummy

penguin tummy

Round 1: 6 loose dc into mc [6]

crochet tummy

Two crochet wings

You will need to make two of these simple crochet penguin wings.

penguin wing

Round 1: 3dc into mc (make 2) [3]

Final amigurumi penguin assembly

Now it is time to sew your penguin pieces together, as well as embroider a beak and eyes.

penguin body crochet

Begin by sewing on the penguins tummy.

sew on beak

The beak is a simple straight line – 2-3 times in yellow yarn.

embroider eye

The eyes are embroidered with black yarn.

sew pengin wing

Sew on the wings on either side!

Hope you enjoyed this simple penguin amigurumi pattern!

crochet penguin ornaments

Ta-daaaa your easy beginners penguin crochet is finished!

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