Simple Pug Birthday Card – with Dog Photo

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First we had some quick and easy Cat Cards to make.. now we have this adorable Pug Birthday Card. Same adorable photo collage but with a different wonderful pet. And as before, in case you don’t have your own pets or find it tricky getting the right photo of your pet.. you can download and use our cat photo and pug photos to make your cards!

simple pug card to make
We got out Pug Photo from Nikita Telenkov on Unsplash. Thank you!

Isn’t this little dog card brilliant? And so simple to make. A fun way to make a handmade dog card that you can easily customise!

Supplies needed for your Pug Birthday Card

pug cards

Supplies for this craft are simple:

  • A printer & printer paper
  • Cardstock (we used A5 folded in half to make an A6 card)
  • Paper scraps for decor, tiny bit of scrunched up tissue paper for pom pom
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Googly eyes

You can of course also decorate the card with marker pens, crayons or water colors. As this is a mixed media collage, you can go as wild or crazy as you like!

How to make your simple dog card

As mentioned, we have shared a “handy” pug printable for you to use. It prints 4 to a page and is the perfect size to go on the front of an A6 card (A5 folded in half). But you can of course take an image of your own pet. Make sure it is looks good in black and white and print that off! Totally up to you. As mentioned, we also have a cat printable card for you to choose from too!

cut out the dog photo for your collage

Carefully cut out the dog image. Check that it looks good on your card! If you have printed your own, you may want to play around with the sizing a little!

which googly eyes

Have fun with googly eyes! Do bigger googly eyes or smaller googly eyes look better? What about a mix of the two? I decided to settle on the smaller googly eyes!

add birthday features

Now cut out some balloons, a little triangle for a party hat and scrunch up some tissue paper for party hat pom pom.

Have a play with the arrangement and see what layout you like best! Remember to keep a balloon for the inside of the card too!

to inside of the card too

Glue all your dog pieces and birthday party accessories in place! Now it is time to write your messages on the inside of the card!

Finished pug birthday card

Doesn’t your pug look adorable!? So fun!

What to write on the inside of your dog themed card:

Here are some fun puns that you may enjoy

  • Pugs & Kisses
  • Gimme a big pug
  • Give me a pug-gle!
  • Pugtastic/ Have a pugtastic day
  • Oh my pug-ness
  • Gimme a big pug
  • You are Pawsome
cute details inside

Enjoy making your handmade dog card!!!!

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Here is our cat Birthday Card version! We made these two in a hurry, so didn’t add balloons.. but they can of course easily be added!

easy cat cards

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