Art Doll for Kids to Sew

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Some of you may know that my kids are really into sewing. Especially my daughter. I have a great article on How To Teach Kids to Sew as well as many Sewing Projects for Kids, if you are interested in finding out more on how to get kids started! Today we make an easy Art Doll for Kids to Sew!

Art Doll for Kids - these are a great dolls for kids to sew and a wonderful way to build both their arty and sewing confidence and skills. My kids adore making these arty dolls as well as playing with them! (love the mermaid!!)
Frist shared in December 2016

Basically, it is never too early and use proper equipment!! Now.. a couple of years ago, I made a Doll in a Box. It was from a lovely crafty book (info below) and since then the book has been much browsed by Pip Squeak (now almost 7yrs). One day she came to me and asked me for some plain fabric and pens. She got drawing. Then she asked me for patterned frabric and some sewing stuff.. she was up to something.. I realised then she was making her own set of Art Dolls – a great little doll sewing project for kids and I am pretty certain she first saw them in the book! Well, that is how the creative mind works..

She made the first and loved it so much, she wanted to make another. Then her brother got involved.

Art Doll for Kids - great sewing project for boys and girls alike!

I love how different their art is.

Then she made some more!!!!!

So.. if you want to have a go  at making Arty Dolls, you will need:

  • plain fabric
  • sharpies (or fabric pens)
  • patterned fabric
  • stuffing (use the inside of an old pillow)
  • needle and thread

This is the book that I think she got the idea from – tough we have made these Art Rag Dolls before too!


And here is the book – Crafty Dolls, by Jane Bull

UK Readers

US Reade

How to make your arty dolls:


I am afraid I don’t have full and “proper” process steps, as I just quickly snapped and captured what Pip Squeak was doing on my iphone!

  1. Draw your characters – be it people, aliens, animals, monstrs
  2. Cut them out – leaving a nice gap for sewing – we made ours rectangular shape ish
  3. Get a second piece of fabric. Put right sides together – cut out and pin
  4. Let your child sew around 3 sides
  5. Turn right side out
  6. Stuff
  7. Then help sew the bottom shut – either pin in place for kids to sew or do this bit for them.
  8. Done.
  9. Repeat if required!

My daughter made four in total. My son made 3 tiny ones (he seems to do everything in small! Aren’t they cute?!


Hope you enjoyed these arty dolls and that you do get your kids sewing!

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