Simple Wreck this Journal Ideas for Kids

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So those of you that watch my YouTube videos will know that I started an easy Wreck this Journal Ideas series “over there”. It is about week 4 of our journal wrecking and I have to confess that I(!) am really enjoying the process. I have been keeping the ideas relatively easy and simple in order to encourage the kids on my YouTube channel to feel inspired and join in. The problem with many Art Journal ideas these days, is that “really good” people do “really good” art journals. It can leave the rest of us feeling a bit intimidated and lacking the confidence to join in. It is easy to feel that “my art activities” are not as “good as someone else’s”. What I love about the Wreck this Journal Ideas series so far, is that it is all simple.. and encourages some journal experimentation.

Completing a Wreck this Journal during the Summer holidays, is  perfect Art Project for kids. Keeps the busy and that creative mind ticking!

What is a Wreck This Journal?

Don’t know what a Wreck this Journal is? There are many journal prompt books out there and Wreck this Journal is one of many currently popular art journal books for kids and grown ups alike. The principle of the book is simple – each page contains a prompt – usually very simple and often very silly. And you are challenged to just “have a go”. Whether it is wearing your journal as a shoe, or spilling (ahem spitting?!) some coffee on a page.. just join in. Have fun. And see where the prompt takes you. It encourages you to tear pages out. And stick them back in. To cover them in stickers or float them in some water. It is fun and it silly and it is crazy.

You can get copies of the version I am using here  US/ UK.

Though there are many new editions too!

What is Wreck this Journal With Me?

I am encouraging my YouTube viewers (and blog readers!!) two join in with wrecking a journal in two ways (though by the time you READ this, you are likely to be able to only do the first…. DO hop over to YouTube and check out the latest video and join in with “number 2”).

  1. Join in. Whatever page I am working on. Work on it too. If you are reading this AFTER I have completed the series… just start with the first linked prompt below and work your way down!
  2. If you are reading this whilst I am in the middle of the series.. hop over to YouTube now and watch my latest “Wreck this Journal” video – there I give you FOUR PAGE options to choose from – and YOU tell ME What I need to work on next.  The option with the most votes will be completed by me in the next video! And you guys seem to be in the habit of always picking the hardest ones.. I wonder why!!!

I don’t have a Wreck this Journal, but I still want to join in.

I have to say it, IS nice to have the “real book”.. so if you can get it onto your Birthday Wishlist or buy one second hand (which is what I did… I think it had one or two pages missing, but I don’t think it matters), that is great. You can find the Wreck This Journal on Amazon here – US/ UK.

If not.. then use ANY plain journal book – e.g. one like this (US/ UK)

OR why not have a go at making your OWN JOURNAL? I have two fabulous posts that shows you  two different ways of How to Make a Journal:

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My Easy Wreck This Journal Ideas for Kids

I would like to  make this a kind of “landing page” for Wreck this Journal Ideas. Each week. I will add links to new pages that I have completed. So please do come back for more! So without further ado.. the pages I have worked on to date! Now remember.. the whole point about the Wreck this Journal prompts, is that we all interpret a prompt differently to each other. These are just MY interepretations in a point in time. Given a second go, I might complete it completely differently. However, sometimes, when your creative mind gets a little stuck, a prompt can be helpful, right? So take these ideas. See what I did and then have a ponder and think about the where the Wreck this Journal prompt will take YOU!  And remember, you are supposed to WRECK the journal so if a page “goes wrong” or is “not to your liking”, it REALLY doesn’t matter.. move onto the next one!

  1. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Spill Coffee on this Page
  2. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Float this Page
  3. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Cover this Page in White Stuff
  4. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Hang this in a Public Place and invite People to Draw on it
  5. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Draw or write with your Left Hand (this is a great process to follow)
  6. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Poke Holes in this Page
  7. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Cover this page in lines (this almost ended in a disaster, but LOVED the process)
  8. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Put Sticky Things on this page
  9. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Trace Your Hand (how to draw a 3D Hand)
  10. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Write One Word Over and Over (LOVE)
  11. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Freeze this Page (Salt & Ice STEAM experiment, read more about it from The Artful Parent!)
  12. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Stick Newspapers on This Page (Skyscraper Night Sky collage)
  13. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Draw on Spine (we did this a bit late, recommend doing this one at the BEGINNING of the journal challenge!)
  14. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Write Backwards
  15. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Secret Message
  16. Wreck this Journal Ideas for Add more Journal Ideas

Enjoy!!!!! And hope you Wreck this Journal with me!!! And that you like our Simple Wreck this Journal Ideas for kids.