12 Autumn Crafts Ideas & a Hangout


Wonderful Fall Craft Ideas

Welcome back to our series of crafty videos – sharing craft ideas from a number of craft bloggers on a certain topic. This week we looked at Autumn Crafts. I love Autumn, for me Autumn is when family crafting really begins. The days get shorter and cooler, you start to spend more time indoors. Nature provides much wonderful inspiration, with it’s Winter Creatures, such as foxes, hedgehogs, owls and badgers. We get acorns, conkers (or chestnuts) as well as the spectacular Autumn leaf colours… inspiration abound. What is there NOT to love about Autumn Crafts!? So. As per usual, we share our video discussing varies ideas, as well as the links below to more information!

Autumn Crafts Video:

Autumn Crafts Links:

(in order of appearance)

1) Walnut Owls

2) Stone Owls – great for Kindergarden or Reception aged children and up

3) Doodle Owl (love it!)

4) Mushroom Corks (great for small world play, an Autumn table or as Christmas decorations)

5) Spiderwebs

6) Story Stones

7) Blackberry Dye Tie

8) Woodland Cone Creatures

9) Fabulous Spider

10) Pom Pom Owls

11) Handprint Wreath

12) “Stained Glass” Window Leaves. So pretty (not in the video)

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