Doodle Owls

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Many moons ago we made some simple TP Roll Owls using, well a tp roll (aka toilet paper roll) and some pumpkin seed and lentil TP Roll Owl – which we loved making as it was just so Autumn!

TP Roll Owl

This year, I was getting ready for our Autumn craft hangouts and thought “Ooooh we need a TP Roll Owl, quick let’s make one”… and i present to you Doodle Owl. I THINK she is inspired by Campus Crafts , but I confess, I can’t remember.. I just remember a black and grey owl image floating by me on Pinterest at SOME POINT. Sorry! And it was really fun to make, literally in 5 minutes. A great little “doodle” and TP roll craft in one.

All you need to do is “squish” the top part of your loo roll down to form the point ears and then get doodling! Cute, eh?

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